The #60SecondRule — Have You Tried It?

By: Jasmine Amabile

I can honestly say before a few weeks ago, I had never paid attention to the timing of my cleansing.

However, I often found that my washed and exfoliated skin still felt texturized. Gross, yeah. This is why I am so here for the 60 second rule for reasons I’ll get into below.

Let’s start by acknowledging that yes, I am late to the drop of this information.

Thank you to Jackie Aina for mentioning it in her Hot Guy Does My FULL 20 STEP SKINCARE ROUTINE video and @LaBeautyologist for giving us the knowledge.

Why am I stanning for it? My face actually looks clean, something I feel like I have never experienced before. I have enlarged pores on my cheeks and nose, which is why I use the 60 second rule for my exfoliation too. It’s easy — it’s massaging and cleansing your skin for a total of 60 seconds.

I know that 60 seconds can sound daunting, especially with just counting — so let’s get creative!

When washing your face in the shower, a good time indicator could be the first or last third of a song you’re listening to. If you’re by a sink, while music is still a great tool, try singing the ABCs both forward and backward – this is to avoid getting bored and possibly giving up.

If you’ve ever taken a selfie and felt like you needed to go heavy on the detail masking/smoothing because of texture and not personal preference, then you should try this out.


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