Melanin Monday with Serena Claborne

Interviewed by Jasmine Amabile

Name: Serena Claborne

YouTube: Serena Nicole

Instagram: @Serenaaaa_mua

How long have you been content creating?

I’ve been creating content since middle school, so about 13 years old and I am 20 [years old] now.

Wow! That’s amazing! So it has been almost 7 years. When did you start taking it more seriously?

I would say in high school is when I took it more seriously. People had begun asking me to do their makeup for proms, gatherings, and weddings.

How did you realize you were good at this

I figured I must be alright because other people wanted me to beat their face haha. So mostly from others asking me to do their makeup.

That’s really cool — I can’t imagine being able  to do that in high school. Have there been any struggles with confidence when putting your work out there?

I would say no. When I was younger I was taught to always be confident. So I have mostly been confident since I started. I have always just posted what I felt was right. I just feel like no matter what struggle I can overcome.

Was there anyone in your life that sparked your interest or encouraged you to do makeup?

When I was younger I would watch my mom and sister do their makeup when they got ready for school and work. I also watched a lot of the OG makeup gurus.

What is your go-to must-have look?

A really good base, lashes, and lipgloss!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully, my career has or will be taking off. I have a lot of goals I want to meet. I do want to be a content creator and keep aspiring viewers.

Now that you have been creating for seven years, how would you advise those wanting to be content creators?

I’d say just to start — a lot of people can be insecure about not having the right light, camera or brushes or makeup. But if you start somewhere you can get anywhere. If you don’t have the resources at the moment — be confident with your posts, it’s quality over quantity. Never give up


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