Gut Health for Skin Health

Written By: Jasmine Amabile

If you’re not eating clean and staying hydrated, your skin will reflect what’s going on in the inside.

What’s good gut health, you may ask? While that may be different for everyone, there are a few things that should be non-negotiable.

For instance, the first thing is water! Now I’m not a doctor, so I won’t tell you how much you may need per se, but one glass of water isn’t cutting it! And if you notice dull or dry skin and an acne purge, try drinking more water and watch the magic happen.

Aside from hydration, eat smarter! Consume little to no processed foods and cut down on unnatural sugar.

Supplements and vitamins can be helpful to ensure you’re getting an adequate amount of your needed nutrients. Look into taking a multivitamin, probiotic, and or collagen if you feel like you’re not getting enough in your diet.

But of course — if supplements aren’t your jam eating healthy will always aid in gut health. Be sure you’re incorporating more of if not only foods that benefit you. Ditch fried foods, soda, salty snacks, and lessen your alcohol intake.

Try this out, the worst thing that could happen is you end up healthier — so why not? This stuff speaks for itself, and it will improve your skin from the inside out.

But again, I am not a doctor, so always consult with professionals if you have any further questions.


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