Island Vibes

You all already know that Denis and I have been spending our time in Bora Bora for the past week on behalf of NARS Cosmetics and it has been so much fun. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to go, please do. From riding bikes to watching local people dance with fire, we’ve really enjoyed ourselves.

Would you believe it if I told you that the beginning of this story started back in 2013? It was my first day working for another beauty brand and orientation meant having to get my makeup done by other new employees countless times.

NARS Cosmetics was having a meet up and book signing at their Melrose location that night and I WAS NOT going to miss it. After orientation, I hurried over – all while doing my makeup in the car.

The first thing Francois said to me when I FINALLY got to meet him was ,”Wow! Your makeup looks beautiful!”

Thank you Chevy Impala Beat and long stop lights.

It’s kind of crazy how God is. Whoever would have thought that I would be invited to Francois’s private island three years later for the launch of a new palette by NARS?

By the way, the palette is BEAUTIFUL and will be launched exclusively with Sephora at the end of the month.

Whatever your passion or dream is, keep at it. You never know where hard work and faith will get you. Who knows. You may end up on a private island somewhere. Stranger things have happened.

Till next time.





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