Top Muslim Beauty Influences

In no particular order here is a list of my favorite Muslim beauty influences:

1. Hodan Yusuf

Moms are out here killing the game. Hodan Yusuf is not only a stunning make-up guru but is a mom of 4 beautiful children.

2. Nabela Noor

When I think of Nabela I think of bright colors and ultra girly themes. This beauty is a must follow on the gram.

3. Halima Aden

Halima is not only a beauty influence but she is the Fenty Beauty model that is giving us all the 2018 looks. From fashion week to brand embarrassed this USA beauty pageant is winning.

4. Ascia Al Faraj

This Youtuber with the gram quote “I’m not my hijab” is the essence of Kuwait beauty.

5. Coco Becky

Coco Becky is a self made fashion icon. She sports her own designs and has even designed a few pieces for me.

6. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan and her sister are the sweetest Muslim girls out there. They have built the well known beauty empire Huda Beauty.

7. Dalal AlDoub

When I scan, and sometime stock Dalals Instagram I get flowers, blush pink Muslim realness. She is a beautiful fashion blogger that you need to be following.

8. Yasmine Simone

Girl!!! Neice is out here winning. Just go to her Instagram and follow. You’re welcome!

9. Chinutay A

This Youtuber is a must watch. She is sweet and refined in her looks and I just adore her.

10. Farah D.

This viral star helps all of this with the home skin care routines and beauty secrets. She’s a treasure on her own and I truly enjoy her products by FARSALI.

For more of my feedback on these influences and my Muslim beauty guru look, click the video below:


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