It’s Too Hot to Not be Myself

I always get asked how I started my Youtube channel and after years my strongest most sincere answer has always been “being myself”. I know a lot of you think there’s a magical formula to all of this but really there isn’t. Years ago I decided to be 100% authentically me and as transparent with you all as possible. That has been the key to my success over the years.

In my most recent interview with Refinery29 interview, I discuss the elements of my authenticity that have lead to some controversy but overall the betterment of how we view beauty and the need for diversity in the industry. Had I not been myself, spoke up for products that didn’t include women who look like me and furthermore speak up for you as the customer, my YT channel wouldn’t be what it has grown into.

With that being said, I want to encourage you to be yourself, embrace you, especially in the areas you feel overlooked by societies beauty standards. That love will create the change this world needs.

My full interview with Refinery29 can be found HERE.




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