Beauty Blender Foundation Review

In an attempt to put my personal feelings aside about Beauty Blenders former products and my relationship with their company I decided to review the new Beauty Blender foundation.

Beauty Blender provides one of the greatest beauty products in modern history. PERIOD!

The foundation, unfortunately fell short for Beauty Blender and here’s why:

1) They missed the mark on “Deep” shades. Out of the 32 shades, maybe 4 of them are chocolate girl friendly and I’m really reaching here. There is a vast majority of shade diversity in medium shades and maybe 1 deep dark shade.

2) Many people looked at the foundation and claimed they looked orange especially in the mid deep and deep ranges. Photos can be deceiving so I wanted to wait until I had the product in hand to make the ‘Orange Assumption’. Y’all were right. 2 of the deep shade foundations showed up orange and when I matched for my color I was giving off orange vibes. I did, however, managed to golden it up with Born This Way Concealer.

3) Beauty Blender set me up for a revolutionary shade range and didn’t pull through. We were hyped up for months that Beauty Blender was going to slide through our personal DMs and hand us flawless, shade ranged foundations and it was anything but that.


That packaging though! There were good things about these foundations:

1) The foundation dispenser locks. This is not a drill! If you’re on the go like me, a locking foundation is worth it’s weight in gold.

2) For those who enjoy a good matte foundation, this might be a good look for you.

3) The dispenser is meant to be used with an actual beauty blender. This was a great marketing and brand developed product. I was really impressed with the overall presentation of the packaging.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the video!




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