Quarantine Nail and Lash Hacks

Written By: Shakinah Starks

As we’re all inside quarantining, many of us are seeing the results of not being able to see our nail and lash technicians. Here are a few ways to care of your nails and lashes during this time.

Remove Gel Polish/ Acrylics From Nails 

One of the most common cries I’ve seen from those in quarantine is how to remove gel or acrylics from the nails. For acrylics, 3D art, and gels, removal at home can be a little tricky. When your nails grow out of the polish or acrylic, it’s essential that you remove them with care or you face the risk of severely damaging your nail enamel and breaking your nails. Here is a way you may be able to remove your nail polish/acrylics at home.

STEP 1. Clip your nails down to desired length

STEP 2. Remove regular polish or file the shine off the surface. You can do this with a nail file

STEP 3. Apply cuticle oil to the cuticle area. Your cuticle area is located along the bottom edge of your finger

STEP 4. Soak cotton pieces in acetone then place on your nail and wrap in foil

STEP 5. Wait for polish to soften under acetone and then gently scrape off the product. Repeat step until polish comes off

STEP 6. Make sure to apply cuticle oil and vitamin e oil to nail beds

After you complete these steps, you’ll want to make sure you keep your hands moisturized, as this process can be very drying to them.

Lash Health – Vitamin E and Castor Oil

Now that we got the nails covered, let’s talk about lashes. If you have shed the last of your lash extensions or are just looking for a way to strengthen and condition your lashes, this DIY lash serum may be great for you.

You’ll need a clean mascara wand, 1 teaspoon vitamin e oil, 1 teaspoon almond oil, and 2 tablespoons organic cold press castor oil.

STEP 1. Mix ingredients in a small container

STEP 2. Take the mascara wand and dip it in the mixture

STEP 3. Work the wand from the lash line to the top

This natural mixture will help in conditioning and strengthening your lashes. Please make sure to check with your lash technician before trying this technique.

What are your beauty habits you’re stressed about keeping up with? What’s your fave beauty DIY hack? Let us know in the comments below.


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