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Written By: Shakinah Starks

Like most makeup enthusiasts, my favorite beauty product has always been lashes and my biggest struggle has always been learning how to apply them. When I finally somewhat “perfected” my application method, I realized that my lashes ALWAYS lifted or felt uncomfortable. I recently came across the


1. After doing my makeup I set my eyelids with a transparent powder (ya girl has oily lids) to prep them. I then took the

2. I then gave the liner a second to dry

3. Once the liner dried, I plopped the

Price: The lashes are about $30 and the magnetic liner is $38. Even though the lashes and liners are a little pricey, the magnetic liner does not leave a sticky residue regular lash glue leaves which allows for over 40 wears.

Application Difficulty Level: EASY. All you truly need to do is apply the liner (does not need to be a fancy cat wing) and you can plop the lashes right on. Took less than a minute to do.

Wear Time: I wore my lashes for 8 hours and they lasted the whole time They did lift slightly in the corner of my eye.

At first I was a bit skeptical but this may be my fave lash line to date. The application was easy and quick which was my favorite part. The liner wand is a little thin so I would recommend taking your time with applying it. If you are someone who struggles with putting lashes one I would DEFINITELY recommend this product.

What are your favorite lash brands? How long did it take you to learn to apply them? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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