Heal Your Heels Just in Time for Sandal Season

Written By: Jasmine Amabile

What’s worse than hurriedly throwing on sandals and realizing you don’t have pedicure? Putting on sandals and realizing you don’t have a pedicure AND you have dry, cracked heels.

The cracked and dry skin on your heel will most likely be thick. If it’s splitting, this may be due to pressure. Having untreated, dry heels can lead to deep cracks causing pain, bleeding, irritation, and/or infection.

Use my home remedy below about twice a week and it’ll keep your feet feel smooth for all the seasons.

Step One:

Start with a foot soak in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes

Step Two:

Use a foot scrubber to scrub at the hardened skin

Step Three:

After you dry your feet, apply a thick moisturizer like coconut oil or shea butter

Step Four:

Lock it in with socks.

This method works best before bed so that the moisture has plenty of hours to penetrate the skin.

Ways to,, prevent, cracked heels from persisting include:

  • Lathering a thick cream on your feet at night and covering your them with socks
  • Scrubbing your heels with a pumice stone a few nights a week after showering
  • Staying hydrated
  • Using a home remedy before and during sandal season for maintenance

While it’s still cold outside, now would be the time to try to begin loving the idea of wearing socks to bed, especially if that isn’t your forte. It’s just a month or two sacrifice for supple, beach-ready feet. Plus, it’ll save you that extra charge when getting a pedicure!

Don’t have cracked heels? That’s great! Share this with a friend who might!


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