Protect Your Skin, Sis!

Written By: Shakinah Starks

If you follow Jackie Aina and the fam, you know that diversity/inclusion is KEY. We love a good

brand with range and inclusivity, but also a good SPF! SPF is KEY!

According to the Cancer

Development Center, about less than 30% of women and 15% of men wear sunscreen daily.

These statistics are even lower for people of color as many feel like they don’t need it (Not gonna lie, I was one of them). Well sis, EVERYONE needs sunscreen no matter your race, tone, or the season.

The usage of SPF can help prevent early aging and damage of the skin. These harsh UV rays

from the sun can contribute to the breakdown of collagen, which can encourage harsh lines,

wrinkles, and sagging. Using sunscreen and SPF infused beauty products makes protecting your

skin easier and adds an extra barrier.

Harsh rays from the sun not only damage the way your skin may look and feel, but can also

contribute to skin cancer. This form of cancer is actually the most common and applying

sunscreen daily, or using makeup with SPF, can decrease your risk.

A common misconception many have is that your skin isn’t at risk during colder seasons and

cloudy days. The sun’s rays are able to pass through the clouds, which makes your skin

vulnerable and susceptible to damage. Sunscreen and products that have SPF are a preventative

measure that should be practiced all year, no matter the season. This even includes winter,

where 80% of the Ultraviolet rays (UV) are reflected in the snow and can increase your

risk of sun damage.

Well kept skin is a well kept canvas, so let this be a reminder to incorporate sunscreen in your

everyday skin routine and makeup!


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