15 Halloween Looks You Can Try Using My ABH Palette

My “Jackie’s Glam – O – Ween” contest just ended and I wanted to show you all some of my favorite spooky looks created using my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.

Each creator that submitted showed up and showed out and did an incredible job!

1. @asialadawn

2. “Autumn Ivy” by @autumn_spellman

3. “Hallow Nights” by @sierramonet05

4. “Mutilated Mermaid” by @mayataughtyou

5. @lhidhiastanley

6. “Real Hot Girl Sh*t-Melted Mouth”, “Fake Woke- Third Eye Hotep”, and “Crackin Cards-Cut Up Face” by @QuiteHilarious 

7. “Barbie” by @Serenaaaa_Mua

8.“Vampire Vixen” by @SageSlays_

9.“Crazy Clown” by @jayjgawddess_styes

10.“Big Bite” by @drebalenci

11. “Carrie” by @tyler.preyer 

12. “Scar”, “Morticia Addams”, and “Elphaba” by @lauryneamanda_ 

13. @simply.dos

14.“That Drip”, “Glam Skull”, and “Iridesssence Snake Queen” by @dylinjeanartistry

15. “Cruella x Maleficent” and “Hunter” by @Ohh_Maly