Finding Your Perfect Match: Born This Way Foundation

It’s been about a month since my collaboration with Too Faced launched and I am overwhelmed by the amount of love and support I’ve been getting from my fans. From the in store Instagram tags to the youtube reviews, I am beside myself with the amount of people Jarrod and I have been able to help feel more included.

For years, brands have left out deeper tones and pigmented shades, isolating the darker side of the spectrum completely or leaving us with one shade to lighten or darken utilizing other products. Those days are officially over. As stated my Makeup Shayla “More make-up brands need to collaborate with make-up artist/ Youtubers/ Beauty influences on shades or at least consult us on them”. I couldn’t agree more. We are now living in a time where we get to be in the room where all the magic happens and have a say in the foundations we decide to purchase.

The number one question I get asked is “what’s my perfect match for this foundation” and “how do I find it”. This is a question that I can’t necessarily answer individually but I have done the research to bring you a few of the most honest and beautiful influencers in the game.

If you have yet to check out my Born This Way Foundation or you need help matching your shade, I have compiled a list of Youtubers that can help you match your shade. Enjoy!



Ohemaa Bonsu

Born This Way Foundation in Truffle


Born This Way Foundation in Chestnut

Nyma Tang

Born This Way Foundation – Ganache


Born This Way Foundation Butter Pecan

Msroshposh and Natosh

Born This Way Foundations – Hazelnut & Carmel

Shalom Blac

Born This Way Foundation Spiced Rum & Cocoa

Way of Yaw

Born This Way Foundation Ganache

Alissa Ashley

Born This Way Foundation Mocha & Spiced Rum

Myself (Jackie Aina)

Born This Way Foundation Chai


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