Debut – Harper’s BAZAAR – Go To Bed With Me

For my Harper’s BAZAAR debut I wanted to stay true to myself with all of you in mind. With luxury, beauty and glam being the lifeline of the BAZAAR brand I felt it necessary to talk about the most important beauty product of all – REAL SKIN!

My video premiered June 5th where I walk you through a step by step of my night time routine including make-up removers, cleansers and toners utilizing products you’ve seen such as Simple, Clinique, Dermalogica and FRESH. I also had the opportunity to introduce you to my dermatologist, Dr. Fenya Abramian, and her line of serums that have become a staple in my skin care volt.

As stated in my video “Pimples do not pay rent, girl! They got to go!”, I feel the best foundation is clear and healthy skin. Though my attention to detail revolves around pigmented and oily skin, like mine, I feel the best routine is consistency.

I hope you all enjoyed my debut and as a special thank you here’s the full list of my 10 step night routine:

1) Simple – Mineral Water

2) Clinique – Take off the Day

3) Dermalogica – Special Cleansing Gel

4) Simple – Mineral Water (Yes niece, we repeat this step)

5) Dermalogica – Daily Microfoliant

6) Fresh – Hydration Rose Toner

7) SK – II – Facial Treatment Essence

8) Guidance to Glow – Copper Complex Peptide

9) Guidance to Glow – Ultimate Growth Factor Serum

10) Neutrogena – Deep Clean Hydrogel Mask


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