Pros of Dermaplaning + How to Do it at Home

Written by: Jasmine Amabile

Dermaplaning is the process of gently exfoliating your skin with a surgical scalpel removing dead skin and peach fuzz. It’s somewhat gross, but that’s what makes it interesting and why we watch videos of people getting it done.

The pro’s are:

  • Removes facial hair or peach fuzz (vellus hair) resulting in smoother skin

  • Helps combat dull-looking skin leaving you brighter and more glowy

  • Creates a better canvas for more effective penetration with your skincare products

  • Removes your nose blackheads – no popping or squeezing necessary

If you are here on Jackie’s blog, the assumption is that you watch YouTube videos, which means you have plenty of access to information on how to do this at home on your own. But of course, the one difference in the at-home versus in-office dermaplaning is that at home, you’ll be using a facial razor blade.

I am not an esthetician nor a skincare professional, therefore please consult either if you have any questions or are not completely comfortable with the process.

However, if you are interested in doing this at home then keep reading below for the information gathered about the process:

  • Only use a facial razor

  • Cleanse your face first

  • Only begin shaving once your face is dry

  • Hold your face taut (pulled tight)

  • Shave at an angle and move slowly

  • Optional: do your skincare routine following the shave

  • Be sure to moisturize afterward

Happy Shaving!


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