Dirty Brushes Are Dangerous

Written By: Shakinah Starks

Can you remember the last time you took a bath? Good! Last time you cleaned your brushes?

Okay..I’ll wait.

Dirty brushes can be a pain to use but also terrible for you skin. From harboring bacteria to falling apart, there are more dangers to dirty brushes than you think.

1. Your dirty brushes are sickening

No really. Your dirty brushes can make you sick. The dirt and bacteria that lives in these brushes and sponges clogs your skin and encourage breakouts. These bacteria can also enter your body through your pores and carry illness or infections. Regularly cleaning your brushes reduces your chances of an unsightly breakout and getting sick.

2. Breakouts

Wondering why you’re constantly breaking out? Your dirty brush could be the culprit. Damp and dirty places are where bacteria thrive. If you’re not cleaning your brushes, you are risking smearing bacteria directly on your face. When you find yourself breaking out more than usual, it could be the brushes you totally forgot to clean.

3. Trash Application

The buildup and old makeup on your brushes can break a look completely. It can get in the way of an application if the brushes and sponges you are using are cleaned probably. You wouldn’t use an old dirty brush on a fresh, clean piece of paper so why would you do that on your face?

4. Dirty Brushes Destroy Brushes

Many people are really hesitant about “over washing their brushes in fear of them falling apart. Nah sis, the more oil and dirt that accumulates on your brushes the more likely your brushes will fall apart. Keeping your brushes clean will help them last longer and be more cost efficient.

These are only SOME of the dangers of dirty brushes, but they should be enough to remind you to clean them!

There are a ton of different ways and hacks to wash your brushes and below are a few.

The Mat Method

Using textures mats like the Sigma Beauty Express Brush Cleaning Mat can help get the grimiest brushes clean. You start off by wetting your brushes and then applying your your fave brush cleaner and twirl your brush on the mat.

After cleaning your brushes feel free to leave them one a cutting board or soft surfaces. Damp towels can also be a hub for bacteria thus making your brush cleaning a waste.

The DIY Method

Like we previously established, it’s a frugal girl fall and we out here tryna save some coins.

Many people use antibacterial dish soap alongside with Olive Oil. The dish soap will help break down the grime and get rid of the bacteria and the Olive Oil will condition the bristles while you clean them.

If you don’t remember the last time you washed your brushes let this be a reminder! Happy brushes equal a happy life


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