30th Birthday Advice

A few things I learned so far in the last year of my 20s. Inspired by my love @mrworksmarter

You don’t have to be a university graduate to be successful. -it’s ok to change your mind and your career goals sometimes. – Your parents mean well, but don’t know everything. -It’s ok to admit when you’re wrong even if the other person doesn’t. You’ve done your part and that’s all that matters. -You don’t have to accomplish certain things by a certain age. Everything is in Gods timing.

,Impressing your elders is not nearly as important as following your true passion. – Always go with your passion, especially early on when you have very little to lose.

Men are like a revolving door, don’t settle if you don’t have to -Nobody cares, work harder -NEVER underestimate how far your passion can take you – 30 is not that scary lol -Taking longer than others to accomplish something doesn’t mean you failed. -Don’t compare yourself to others. -Ever. -Never loan more money than you can afford to. -On your way to the top people are going to creatively find more reasons to not like you. Don’t take it personal -You can’t take everyone with you in the journey to personal growth. Wish them well and move on. -People will harshly criticise the things they wish they could be doing.


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