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Why I didn’t celebrate Halloween.

So Halloween for YouTubers is pretty much like New York Fashion Week for fashion designers – it really is a chance to go all the way out and get insanely creative with makeup (assuming that you’re actually good at doing makeup) <–shade.

Halloween makeup tutorials usually start rolling in as early as the end of September with everything from blood, bruises and bites from ‘sugar skull’ masks, fairy makeup and even television characters. Many of which I usually partake in when I am in the mood.


But this year was different.


I can’t exactly put my finger on exactly why, but Halloween this year was not fun at all for me. It’s not that it’s a super sad day or anything, I just found that I wasn’t at all motivated to do anything.

I guess it could be a number of different reasons – one it could be lack of timing and funds to go out and purchase all of these different makeup and materials that I might only use once, that doesn’t excite me at all lol and I have MORE than enough makeup.

It could be due to the fact that I am transitioning from being a college graduate so really I have been enjoying the fact that sometimes I actually can sleep in until noon and not be penalized for it, which is kind of nice.

It also could be because of the fact that I am beauty obsessed and costume/fantasy makeup really doesn’t inspire me. It does but in different ways, I love BEAUTY looks. Commercial, editorial, stuff you may see celebrities wear on the red carpet. That is the type of makeup that excites me. Don’t get me wrong special fx makeup and the liking I think are absolutely amazing talents and I have a lot of awesome friends who are incredible at it, but I do try to stay in my lane when it comes to stuff like that.

Well those are the few reasons I could give you at the top of my head but…


Nope, that’s not it.


Perhaps it’s because of the fact that Halloween is October 31, and exactly 4 months ago from yesterday on June 28th (for those of you that don’t know) I lost one of my longest childhood friends, who was also my roommate at the time. Things have gotten better but I think without realizing it I subconsciously get a little down around this time of month. I am still recording and doing videos but there’s just something about celebrating spooky spirits and stuff like that, meh, just not in the mood.


And then there are the Halloween costumes.


This past weekend as many of my friends celebrated Halloween it seemed like everywhere I turned someone was making a complete fool out of themselves via photos I’ve seen shared on Twitter Instagram and Facebook and posting about what other people were wearing and doing this year. WE GET IT, Halloween is obviously a day to dress up and replicate someone else. But when did this B.S. become acceptable?!

julianne hough halloween

caitlin cimeno

trayvon martin halloween costume


Do you know what this? It’s called Blackface. You know something is wrong when it has its own genre. People have absolutely lost their damn minds. For real. There are a million different things to dress up as for Halloween – why the hell choose to mock another culture or race? Don’t you think you’d be embarrassed if you walked into a room full of the race or culture of people you were mocking and they saw you? If the answer is yes then you really need to reevaluate how you choose to celebrate Halloween. So you get to just mock my culture and I’m not supposed to be offended? gtfoh.


And then there are those who think black people should just get over it. What you ask? Well, everything apparently. And when this BS popped up on my timeline yesterday morning I really couldn’t stomach being silent anymore.


What kills me is we’re sitting here discussing black people, like they’re all one individual person, right. Okay so black people are all the same, we’re all racist, and we all need to lighten up and get over it because racism doesn’t exist. Oh.



Does wearing blackface mean you’re racist? I can’t answer that if I don’t know you personally so NOT necessarily and not always (example: in this case with Hough). But does it mean you executed poor judgement? Absolutely. You can dress up as Oprah, you can dress up as 2Pac, I won’t even be mad if you dressed up as Barack Obama, but the moment you take it to the next level and smear black or brown makeup on your face to try to mock my race or ANY race for that matter, I have little to no respect for you. I mean like I am side-eyeing you for real. Because, how could you NOT KNOW that would be offensive?! I mean, just, the ignorance is so…. *sigh*


My friend and fellow makeup artist Jennifer James said it best

There is no narrative that you can construct, no contextual safe space for you to make or seek. #Blackface is blackface. DON’T DO IT-PERIOD!

And the fact that it’s 2013 and people are still trying to explain, justify, and make it acceptable is what kills me.


And then there are the racially fueled discussions.



So, this doesn’t scream racist at all? Not one bit? Oh ok then.


I’m tired of hearing this:

But what about the movie White Chicks?! Huh huh?! Marlon and Shawn Wayans dressed up in white face!  What the hell does that have to do with me?!  It’s not like I co-wrote and directed the damn movie and two wrongs do NOT make a right! And um that was  MOVIE fool. I don’t know why they chose two black actors to pretend to be two caucasion women in the film because I didn’t write the script. If any of you remember that video where I used lighter makeup to make my skin appear lighter, that was actually tastefully done. It wasn’t at all like I took pastey white makeup and just splattered in on my face as a joke. I actually wanted to see if I could theatrically make my features appear lighter the same way they do for stage plays and film and look GOOD while doing it. Because that’s a part of what I do professionally!!! Look at how tastefully and epically gorgeous makeup artist Scott Barnes made VANESSA WILLIAMS look like Christina Aguilera and other celebrities of various different shades. 


You can’t sit here and tell me that is not one of the most gorgeous things you’ve ever seen. He’s not at all mocking or belittling ANYONE He gave her different faces but she looks beautiful at it. This looks insanely beautiful. Just like this

Now THAT is wtf I call tasteful and if you don’t know the difference between that…


and this


then you need to get your eyes checked.


And I’m sick of hearing this:


But what about BET huh huh? How come we can’t have a white entertainment television? You already do. It’s called MOST of the major motion pictures, commercial advertisements, magazine editorials and spreads, mainstream media, and even MOST of the cosmetic industry. I think you’ve got more than enough entertainment to last you a lifetime because you’ve been dominating the industry for quite some time now. Remember back in the day when black people couldn’t even appear in films and when they finally could they weren’t allowed speaking roles and could only play the maid or the butler or basically anyone of service/non-significance? I bet you don’t remember that.


And then the other day I got a comment on one of my YouTube videos which kind of halfway prompted me to write this post.


A little off topic with that one but it basically just has to do with this victim mentality we fall for all the time.


The thing is though, if you’re white, hispanic, indian, or any other race and you were discriminating against me I would never ever ever in a million years treat you like you’ve treated me and reciprocate. Don’t like black people? That’s fine. But I have some amazing and incredibly kind friends from all different walks of life that I am really really grateful for and I plan on keeping it that way.


And to transition on over to the happier side of this post I’d like to introduce you to some of them…






So that, my friends, is a little background as to why I have not been motivated to celebrate Halloween this year.


No matter what, you will never ever in a million years, no matter how much you paint your face black, or piss me off in other various ways get me angry enough to generalize an entire race of people. I just wish many of you would give us and other races the same courtesy and respect. Stop generalizing.


I know that I came on kind of strong with this post but it was really important that I put these things out there from an intelligent, non bashing mindset. Truly, I am just thankful that social media allows people to put themselves on blast for how foolish they sound and look.


So really, I have to say to many of you, thank you. You make me extremely grateful for my parents who taught me to do better lol


AND this is probably the first and the last time you will ever hear me talk about anything like this on the blog (don’t quote me on that one though). It’s just since Halloween is so heavily influenced in the industry I work in I had to take a minute and explain my Halloween hiatus.


And on that note, I end with this:


What has shocked me the most about this blackface on Halloween convo has been the amount of Black people who are telling those of us who are mad about it to shut up, move on and stop expecting better. Are you kidding me??? I don’t know who taught you to lay down but just move the hell out the way for those of us who stand up. – Awesome Luvvi (Luvvi Ajayi)


I love you all, but pretty please can we do better next year?


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Eugena Washington Runway Look – BH Galaxy Chic Palette

Saw this photo of Eugena Washington on a recent issue of Essense magazine and almost fell out of my chair. The girl is gorgeous but good grief, giving us high fashion AND glam, at the same d*mn time!

eugena washington

I love how this literally looks like a Covergirl advert. And even though it’s winter, there’s something bright and airy about this look, it reminds me of a snow princess ice queen type of look.

I wanted to recreate the look but I was inspired by it, not necessarily trying to exactly replicate it. I decided to go for a softer look, instead of using the smokey coal color on her lids I opted for a softer smokey amethyst.

bh galaxy chic palette

bh galaxy chic palette

bh galaxy chic palette

bh galaxy chic palette


First and foremost you all were loving my hair so much in this video and on instagram, I just have to remind you all that this fabulousness is from RPGShow :)

And as promised, I made sure to include some of the stuff I got from the November Wantable box!


So here’s what you’ll need for the look:

Ellis Faas Foundation
BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette
Ellis Faas Foundation Pen | S107
Ben Nye Translucent Powder | Topaz
Lise Watier Ombre Souffle | Tartan Magique
Youngblood Cosmetics Luminous Creme Blush | Champagne Life
MAC Eyeliner | So There Jade
MAC Studio Finish Concealer | NW40
Maybelline FitMe Concealer | Shade #30
Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder | Translucent
Whip Hand Cosmetics Cheek Flash
Beauty For Real | Barely There
Bobbi Brown Mascara | Smokey Eye Mascara 

Das all folks!

So speaking of runway, I’ve gotten pretty positive feedback from some of my runway to wearable videos – would you like to see more of them? If so please leave your request down below as I’m considering doing a series on them :)

I have a music video shoot in the morning so I’m off to bed. *hugs and kisses to you all* Thank you for reading!

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Hey guys…meet Wantable! They’ve partnered with me for the month of November and chose to feature me as their expert of the month. In the past they’ve also partnered with Jordan Liberty aka GiveGoodFace on YouTube so it’s actually quite flattering to be considered!


For those of you that aren’t familiar with Wantable – it’s a monthly subscription service that has makeup, accessories and intimate pieces. You basically fill out a personalized quiz and cater it to your personal style and preferences and they send you a monthly box with products based on the answers you provide. It’s totally catered to what they feel will best suit your personal style.


So you know, the idea of it is not much different from the other subscription boxes out there (which I actually love, my obsession started all the way back ShoeDazzle) except the thing that makes Wantable different from the other ones I’ve used is they actually send you full size products. They also work with a lot of brands that are more indie and up-and-coming. Which I feel exposes you to cool stuff that you otherwise probably wouldn’t even try. 


So of course they sent me a box and I got to look, touch, feel, smell and play with some of the November items and yall know I’m super picky – but I do have to say there is some stuff I am excited to try! I picked out what my favorite goodies were and wanted to give you a sneak peek of what to expect :)



Face Stockholm lipglosses – anyone heard of this brand? Wantable


Beauty For Real – the pink one to the right (the shade is Barely There) just became my new favorite everyday nude pink :) they go on really soft and smooth, and feel like a lipgloss/lipstick in one. I already want more of these, for real though.



Whip Hand Cosmetics – Yo, this ish right here?! REALLY got me hyped! I LOVE supporting indie brands like Whip Hand, I first got a taste when I tried their Set the Stage Primer (which is arguable the best primer I’ve tried, ever). I love what they stand for and how they are all about the working professionals. Reminds me a lot of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.



Japonesque – I knew they were legit when I saw Japonesque in my box. They are an amazing line of makeup brushes! This looks like it’ll be a doozy for applying concealer.



Skiin – This should be interesting. Curious to see how this one will hold up on my clients…



I’ve recently been feeling nailpolish binging urges so these came right in time. My nails are growing like mad lately and that’s really the only time I ever get inspired to polish them. My favorite is the lavender!




Lise Watier – This is the second shadow souffle I have from them and they are SUPER soft, creamy and pigmented. I hear they’re a big deal in Canada, so I’m curious to see how these will hold up with shadow on top. Isn’t this gorgeous?




Cailyn – Anyone ever heard of this brand? I know I have, I can’t pinpoint where exactly from though. But this primer does look quite interesting and I definitely plan on putting this one to the test.



How do you feel about subscription services? They’re definitely a yay for me, perhaps maybe not every single month now but I’m not going to lie, occasionally getting spontaneous surprise boxes of makeup from time to time IS kind of nice.


Happy Thursday beautiful people, thank you for reading xx

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Gucci F/W Makeup ft. BH Galaxy Chic Palette

This tutorial was recorded about a month ago, but when I first peeped some of the looks from the Gucci fall/winter collection this year I was outright gagging. It’s not too often we see something this wearable on the runway, usually the looks are quite eclectic and out of the box to say the least. But legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath really put her foot into this one this year, and I knew I just had to recreate it!

gucci f/w 2013

gucci f/w 2013

gucci f/w 2013

gucci f/w 2013

gucci f/w 2013

As you can see from the photos above, red and burgundy palette and little to no brows. OR fluorescent bleached brows, lol take your pick? Either way I am in luh-luh-love with this look.


Check out my chocolate version, this is also a two in one tutorial, I did the runway version first and then switched it up and made it ready to wear :) I thought many of you might appreciate that!

runway version

BH Galaxy Chic Palette

‘ready to wear’ version

BH Galaxy Chic Palette

BH Galaxy Chic Palette

BH Galaxy Chic PaletteBH Galaxy Chic Palette

BH Galaxy Chic Palette


I am also making good use of the newest BH Cosmetics Palettes, Galaxy Chic and Take me to Brazil, look at how adorbs they are!

bh galaxy chic palette

BH Galaxy Chic Palette

BH Take me to Brazil

BH Take me to Brazil

Every time I get my hands on something from BH Cosmetics I am more and more impressed. I definitely see more tutorials with these palettes in the future since they are like a ‘one stop shop’ when you’re following along with my looks :) Don’t you agree?


Here’s the list of products I used to achieve the look:
BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette
BH Cosmetics Take me to Brazil Palette
Ellis Faas Foundation Pen | S107
MAC ProLongwear Concealer
Youngblood Cosmetics Hi-Def Hydrating Mineral Powder | Warm
NYX Jumbo Pencil | Black Bean
Youngblood Cosmetics Eye-lluminating Duo
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
MAC Lip Pencil | Cork
MAC Lipglass | C-Thru
Bessame Cosmetics Sweetheart Balm | Tangerine
Learn how I did the look :)

I hope you enjoyed this one ladies and gents, and if you own these two palettes please keep them on standby for future tutorials :)


I hope you all are feeling as inspired as I am this week! <3 thank you for reading and watching. xo

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The Best Mascara Ever


The best mascara I’ve tried ever actually turned out to be a duo. Sometimes that can be a bummer, ain’t nobody got time to be layering on two different mascaras every single time you put your makeup on. But it’s definitely worth the results, I can promise you that!

bobbi brownSurprise surprise! They’re from Bobbi Brown! Is anyone surprised? These bad boys have been my newest SECRET WEAPONS lately!

I recently got to try BB’s mascaras for the first time when I partnered with them for the I love Makeup YouTube video we filmed. I got use them on set and the makeup artist told me they were mine to keep. It wasn’t until the next day I realized just how amazing they are. No, like really freakin UH-MAZING.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Mascara

The secrets are the Smokey Eye Mascara and the Lash Glamour Extreme Mascara. A combo that I really didn’t think much of when I first tried them. I’ll have to admit I’m somewhat of a mascara prude, I have VERY high standards and I judge mascaras pretty harshly lol

Some people think that because I already have long and naturally thick and curly lashes that I can just put anything on and make it look good. WRONG, massively. Mascaras are NOT one sized-fits all. And unfortunately it’s not the lashes that make the mascara so yes, it is possible for me to try something and to not be all that wow’d by it. But these two really have exceeded my expectations, and I hold it with very high regards. I like them better than the YSL Shocking Mascara which is my all-time favorite in the history of forever.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

Just LOOK at those brush heads – aren’t they sessy?! First I do about two coats of the Smokey Eye Mascara, that’S where I get that plump, thickums look which also lengthens. Whenever I want a volumizing mascara, I always look for a brush head like this, that is where your plumpness comes from.


Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Mascara

With plumpness, however, sometimes come the clumps. That’s when I use one Lash Glamour to come through and seperate my lashes.  And after that dynamic duo these are the results!

Bobbi Brown Mascara

Bobbi Brown Mascara

bobbi brown

*Disclaimer: these are my lashes with just the mascara alone. They have not been curled and I do not use lash serums or extensions.


Also very VERY pleased to announce that the I Love Makeup  shoot went so well I was highly inspired to submit an application to their freelancing team and I got hired! You’re looking at the newest freelancer for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics! It’s basically like working on call, but I think it will be amazing to be back in retail and learning more and more knowledge about their amazing line of products. Check out my BB face of the day from yesterday : )

bobbi brown


Have you tried any Bobbi Brown mascaras yet? If so tell me what you think!


Thank you for reading and hope you’re having an amazing Monday! xo