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Breakup Makeup (Breakover)

Breaking up is HARD. As a matter of fact I’ve been in la-la land for so long with my (now exboyfriend)I almost forgot what they felt like.

Until recently, I came back to Los Angeles last week for emergency leave. And the day before I was due to fly back to Kuwait I had the awfullest thing brought to my attention via a friend……..the boyfriend got caught, red handed. In the worst way possible. It’s a very messy situation that I care not to even discuss anymore. Let’s just say it’s on some Usher Confessions Part II type of deal…

I don’t understand how we as human beings don’t give each other the bare minimum line of respect to one another anymore. I don’t know what’s going to happen in this situation and it’s not my place to wonder anymore.

What I DO know is that I am quite possibly in one of the best places in my life right now, mentally, physically and spiritually. And obviously I’ve been through a breakup before. I have every intention of getting over this one the same way I’ve done in the past. With God on my side anything is possible! I refuse to go out like that!

And guess what? God is on your side too. This video is for any woman who’s ever been through what I have through or worse. To be able to still pick your head up, look in the mirror, smile and feel beautiful is CRUCIAL. Remember it’s not YOU, it’s HIM. Let’s keep it pushing and keep workin!

FYI – I saw the title “breakover” in this months Glamour mag issue. I thought it was too freakin perfect. Breakover; after breaking up with your boyfriend and geting glammed the hell up, whether it be through a hair color and/or cut or a new makeup. It’s time for a Breakover!

There’s no particular reason why I chose blue for this look, it in no way is a reflection of being sad or upset lol Really I just used blue glitter because I wanted to try my new LA Splash pigments and glitters that I just got my hands on!

beauty, Makeup

Aqua Eyes – Sugarpill Heartbreaker Palette

I haven’t been this excited about color in a LONG time!

Sugarpill recently launched a new four-color eyeshadow palette and I am digging it for the spring/summer. They’ve done it again!

Expect to see more from me using this bad boy! 😀

I seriously LIVE for this palette, this line, and everything they stand for.

The palette comes with 4 HUGE shadows

Not that I’m super big on product packaging and stuff of that nature, not how can you not love the way these products are put together? So girly and feminine. This stuff inspires me and makes me want to be creative all the time. Whenever I’m at a shoot and I really need to impress, I bring out the Sugarpill!

I hope to see them branch to see them branch out and bring more to this line. Don’t you think they’d make a KILLER lipstick collection?? I sure do! But for now I will just continue to enjoy their eyeshadows, pigments, and lashes!

Here’s what I used in the video tutorial:

Sugarpill Heartbreaker Palette
Sugarpill Lashes (no name or #)
Maybelinne Lash Stiletto Mascara
Maybellina Ultra Liner
MAC Eye Kohl in Feline
Sugarpill Lumi Pigment

Here’s what I’m wearing on the rest of my mug:
Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 177
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Deep Dark
La Femme Blush in Terracotta
MAC Cork lipliner
OCC Liptar in Tone
Clear Lipgloss

I hope you guys like the look :)

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Plum Sparkle Eyes for Prom

Okay so prom season may or may not be over depending on where you’re from. But you can still totally rock this sexy sparkly look!



Watch me while I show you how I did it!

Here’s what I used

Makeup Forever HD Foundation in #177
MAC Lustre Drops
MAC Brow Crayon in Spiked
E.L.F. Cream Base in Purple
Urban Decay Naked Palette
INGLOT #86 Pigment
MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer
MAC (Pro) Invisible Set Powder
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Deep Dark
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer
NARS Dolce Vita Blush
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick
MAC Flourabundance Lipglass

I hope you all enjoyed :)