Get Ready With Me Ankara Festival LA 2014

So this year is my first time attending the Ankara Festival (I missed the fashion show, you know Nigerians are always late) but I popped in at the after party and had a blast. So beautiful seeing and meeting so many different African fusions and cultures that evening, I can’t wait until the next show, I will definitely be there!

So this was the makeup look I wore that night and the outfit I had planned.

blackUp Paris eyeshadow

ankara dress
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Ankara Festival LA Outfit of the Day

Raise your hand if you were in the building at last nights Ankara Festival LA! I snuck in the afterparty at the very last minute. Worked and shot all day. Anywho, this was last night’s look, some new goodies from my ShopMarkkit Collection included!

High waist pants

High Waist Pants

High Waist Pants

Crop Top

Chanel Clutch

Crop top





I played around with pastels and threw on a light blazer just for kicks




Gold Crop Top | shopmarkkit
High Waist Pants | Bell of California
Stilettos | Lola Shoetique
Gold Clutch | Shop Markkit
Pale Pink Blazer | shopmarkkit

It was great running into some of my viewers last night. Although I didn’t make it to the show I heard it was amazing and am so glad anytime I can help support an African event.

Warm thanks to Victoria Sanders of for snapping these photos for me. You guys have to check out her blog and follow her, she has the best style posts! @thevicstyles

Okay, I’m off to the LA County Fair, thanks for reading guys! xx

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Find Your Perfect Foundation Shade Match!

Find Your Foundation Shade

Hi ladies! How many of you out there struggle with finding the right foundation shade match? Apparently more of you than I thought when I uploaded my Best Foundations For Women of Color I got a lot of questions about finding the right shade of foundation, finding your undertones, etc. So I have managed to put together some easy tips on how to go about getting it right.

We will cover more specifically how to find your undertones in a later video ^_^


So first if you’re indecisive between which shade you are narrow it down to the three you think you may be.

Working your way from lightest to darkest, swatch all three of them on the center of your chest. I choose to shade match not only myself but my clients on the center on the chest because it insures that the face will match the body when being photographed and has yet to steer me wrong. Stay away from the neck because typically the neck is dramatic lighter than the face. Stay away from matching on the actual face because we as women of color tend to have different skin tones on our face, especially Africans. I am lighter in the center of my face and darker around the perimeter.

If one of the shades you chose looks ASHY is too light for you girl. When a foundation is too light for you it will read gray. If one of the shades looks too RED or orange if you’re medium complexion it’s too dark. You will definitely see a line of demarcation and it will look richer compared to your bare skin.

But your perfect match will melt right into the skin. You won’t be able to tell where the foundation starts and where it ends.


I would not recommend impulse buying on foundations because it’s also important that you test it out for at least a day to find out if it’s ideal for your skin type and does it oxidize (AKA darken throughout the day) on your skin. However, in an absolute pickle if you must buy a foundation that day and they don’t have your perfect match and you feel stuck, always go for a shade that’s a bit richer because dark skin is more forgiving. If you choose a shade that’s too late and you take a photo with flash you will see a white cast. A foundation that’s slightly too dark in some cases can be balanced with highlighting the face with concealer and/or face powders.


So I hope you all find my technique on shade matching helpful and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below!

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Straight Hair With Volume Tutorial with Walgreens

This quick video tutorial I did with Walgreens will show you how I like to achieve my straight hair styles without sacrificing volume. Hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did making it!

Thank you so much to the PopSugar, BellaSugar and Walgreens team for having me!