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90’s Lipstick Trend for Chocolate Gals

I’ve been wanting to rock the whole 90’s lipstick trend (brown and matte brown lips) lately so I thought I would dabble with it when I bought this Deborah lipstick from NARS a few weeks ago. First of all the audacious collection from NARS is EVERYTHING so creamy, smooth and buttery. I love this lipstick!

Makeupgeek Vegas lights

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Skincare Review | OleHenriksen

Baby bottom smooth skin? Check. Reduced pores? Check Check! So as of this month I have been trying out a new skincare system that is known as OleHenriksen.

Most of you guys by now know that I’m somewhat of a skincare freak. And although I try to stay pretty consistent with the products I use I can’t help but be interested in trying whatever is new and trending, especially if it works.

Ole Henriksen
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Tom Ford Sahara Haze Eyeshadow Palette

Tom Ford is NOT playing with yall with his line of makeup. I have just been schooled. Lord have mercy! Last week I picked up my very first eyeshadow palette from his collection and yes, it was expensive as all hell. But from what I’ve heard other makeup artists and enthusiasts rave about his products I knew it was only a matter of time before I indulged.tom ford sahara haze palette Continue Reading

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How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow

Sugarpill Royal Sugar Pigment

So we all know that blue eyeshadow works from some of the amazing makeup looks we’ve seen being done with it over the years, but have we ever stopped to consider HOW or WHY it’s wearable?

Many of us see these makeup looks and tutorials and admire how pretty they are, but I really wanted to make a video including some tips on how to make blue eyeshadow wearable, suitable for dark complexions, as well as what to look for in different types of blues.

Remember these are just guidelines and tips for those who aren’t as knowledgeable as to wear to start with bolder eyeshadow looks. This isn’t meant to be taken literally for every single person 😛

tip one: Stick to navy or richer, deeper blue hues. Royal blue is great too! If you’ve never attempted to wear a blue eyeshadow you may want to ease your way into it with something that has a midnight hue to it. It looks great in the evening and really stands out on brown eyes. The lighter the blue, the more bolder the effect. Think robins egg blue, pastel blue, ocean blue, etc. Not to say we can’t pull those colors off because we absolutely can, but going lighter tends to go for a more creative and avante garde look.

blackup PAL 04 Palette

Fantasy Accessory Box

tip two: Placement is everything! When using a bold blue stay below the crease of the eye to prevent the shade from looking like a sucker punch to the face. Please it will start to look ruddy when trying to blend with other shadows. When it comes to lighter and pastels blues and shimmers keep them off the lower lash line! Unless of course you are going for a more creative look. Light blue also looks beautiful in the tear duct of the eyes.


Sugarpill Royal Sugar Pigment

tip three: Use an eyeshadow base, especially if you want the blue to look as vibrant on your eyes as it does in the pan.

Sugarpill Royal Sugar

Fashion Fair Sweet Maple Lipstick

tip four: Keep the blue eyes in check by maintaining the rest of the face with subdued and nude tones. I usually reach for either peach blush and peachy/nude lips or soft pinks to pair with my bright blue eyes so it doesn’t overpower the whole look.

And that’s it! Pretty easy right?!


Here’s a list of products for the rest of the face
Lancome Teint Idole 24 Hour Makeup in shade 500
Kelley Baker Brown Powder and Highlighting Pencil
Black Opal Flawless Concealer in Toast
blackUp Loose Powder #14
Sugarpill Pigment in Royal Sugar
Sacha Cosmetics Kamaflage Powder in Buttercup
Bobbi Brown Desert Rose Blush
Bobbi Brown Dark Chocolate Lip Pencil
Fashion Fair Sweet Maple Lipstick
Smashbox Highlight Lip Enhancing Gloss


Hope you all found these tips helpful and enjoyed the tutorial! Have a fabulous weekend ladies!