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  • Dee

    Hi! I love your videos. I was wondering if you list the colors for the Colorpop lip liners you used in your video on June 8th with the new Mac matte lippies? Thank you so much!!!

  • RMD

    Eczema and makeup

    Hi Jackie,

    I just came across you videos and really appreciate your insights, tips, reviews, etc. I have a question that I hope you have experience with. I am a bit darker than you with oily/combination skin (typical stuff), but I also have eczema that breaks out in the corners of my nose and the corners of my mouth; I don’t wear make-up often, but when I do, it triggers eczema break outs. I have a lot of dark marks on my skin and would like to use makeup to even out my complexion. What products are options to use to help prevent and manage breakouts?


    • RMD

      Clarification: what foundations/bb creme/etc. can help minimize breakouts and cover-up? Also, are there primers that could possibly help? I’m looking for additional make-up options because I’ve tried mostly sephora and drugstore brands.