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  • Dee

    Hi! I love your videos. I was wondering if you list the colors for the Colorpop lip liners you used in your video on June 8th with the new Mac matte lippies? Thank you so much!!!

  • RMD

    Eczema and makeup

    Hi Jackie,

    I just came across you videos and really appreciate your insights, tips, reviews, etc. I have a question that I hope you have experience with. I am a bit darker than you with oily/combination skin (typical stuff), but I also have eczema that breaks out in the corners of my nose and the corners of my mouth; I don’t wear make-up often, but when I do, it triggers eczema break outs. I have a lot of dark marks on my skin and would like to use makeup to even out my complexion. What products are options to use to help prevent and manage breakouts?


    • RMD

      Clarification: what foundations/bb creme/etc. can help minimize breakouts and cover-up? Also, are there primers that could possibly help? I’m looking for additional make-up options because I’ve tried mostly sephora and drugstore brands.

  • L.Blake

    Hi Jackie,
    I have been a long time viewer of your youtube channel and just wanted to say you renewed my love of makeup. Thank you for that!! I wanted to know have you ever used the Artis brushes everyone is raving about and if you have one will you do a review. Thanks again for all you do. You have proven that there are still great teachers and artist with a true passion for their craft.

  • Amanda Victoria

    I just saw that the contact form is for business inquiries only. I apologize for sending a message.
    I don’t know who else I can ask. I’ve learned a lot through your tutorials on YouTube. I’m just so frustrated! Something I have a HUGE problem with is scars/blemishes left behind from acne and covering them properly. My whole cheek has the blemishes. They aren’t pivot scars, indents, etc. They look more like scabs that aren’t scabs, if that makes sense. I use primer, green concealer to cover the redness and concealer the color of my foundation. My foundation doesn’t usually last longer than 2 hours on my blemishes, but that’s sort of another issue. lol
    The problem I have covering my blemish scars is that they just end up looking like darker patches. A grayish coloring. Which looks just downright awful!!! I work in the health industry and I feel like it looks so bad to my clients. As if they’re thinking “what would this woman know about being healthy – just look at her skin”. Yikes!
    I wanted to ask if you have any advice on what I can do better to cover them? I followed your tutorial for covering dark spots, which did help me with how I apply my makeup overall. So thanks for that.
    I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks Jackie. 😀

  • Nicole O’Neil

    Jackie your the
    bestest! ….I Love ALL of your videos and the energy you bring!!! Awesome… I
    wondered if you can do tutorial sessions on weddings?? What should be included, how to price, how to
    select the best look for client??What is the best foundation, fresh looks??Also,
    more color tutorials for the best holiday glam look?? I look forward to more
    great videos… I’m watching…

  • Juliette Allen

    Love your brand Jackie! Thanks for sharing about your divorce experience. I’m a divorcee of 15 years myself. God has truly brought us a mighty long way! Continue to press forward, keep the faith and never give up on love! Thanks for being a class act and a role model for women of color.

  • Briana R Anthony

    Jackie you are the best!