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blackUp Paris review + demo

Hi my babies!!! First of all I have sincerely apologize for missing Friday’s upload! In a nutshell, I have been Uncle Sam’s b*&%h the latter half of the weekend and it completely sidetracked err’thang. I tried my hardest to get this video live Friday but was TOO pooped and had limited wifi access! Thanks for understanding and your patience :)


us army

us army

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, today I’ll be review a line that may be new to some of you or a staple if you’re already familiar with them. BlackUp Paris has taken the cosmetic industry by storm, they have created an amazing (and I don’t use that word lightly) line of products specifically formulated, developed and tested FOR women of color. You all know that makes me warm and fuzzy inside to be able to say that!

BlackUp Paris Foundations

In this video I demonstrated and reviewed some of the following products

8Hr Correcting Primer

CC Cream | CC04
Full Coverage Cream Foundation | back and forth between #7 and #8
Mattifying Fluid Foundation | #10
Loose Powder | PL13
Cream to Powder Foundation | NFC07
Lip Lacquers

blackup paris

black up paris loose powder

blackup paris

black up paris

The foundations are hands down amazing. Very awesome coverage, luxury but light-weight feel and FINALLY a full range of foundations for women of color that address our individual skin needs as well as complexions. I a brand like this was long overdue and I’m glad I’ve finally got the chance to try them. I was satisfied with all, and when I say all I mean ALL of the products I’ve had to chance to try. Not just the foundations. The blushes are well pigmented and beautiful, the glosses are not at all overly sticky and the lipsticks (from what I’ve swatched) feel very creamy.

Straight and to the point – this brand is defintiely catering to a high end brand. They are a bit on the pricier side, however, they are most certainly not the most I’ve seen in department stores. I would say their prices are comparable to NARS or Smashbox, so they aren’t doing anything competitors aren’t already doing. We will willingly spend money on a cosmetic line that doesn’t cater to us but the moment an amazing high-quality line is formulated for US we back out. Please do not let their competitive prices deter you! You will be missing out.

Important notes:
black|up is only available for purchase online in the US
they also offer shade matching services which were pretty spot on when it came to finding my shades
if for whatever reason a shade didn’t work out for you they have a 14 day return policy

In a nutshell…
Would I recomment black|Up to you guys?! Yes, yes and more ABSOLUTELY YES!!


I hope you all enjoyed the review and if you have any black|Up favorites please let me know down below!^_^

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    OMG! You must have read my mind. I signed up for their emails sometime last year, but I never tried them because I was not sure how their products were. I do not use foundation at all, but I do want to try some of their stuff for eyes and lips, and their bronzers. Now you have me browsing their website since I know they products are good! Are you wearing the lip lacquer in VL09? Can you please do more of their other products reviews really soon? Thank you! You look amazing by the way. Oh, how long did the lip lacquer last? I am in the Army too, and I am Nigerian, but I am also Jamaican!