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And this just happened….



Soooo this just happened today! This was the big news I talked about (but didn’t really talk about it) a few weeks ago via the LilPumpkinPie05 instagram. This is a 26 year old dream/fantasy I never thought I’d actually accomplish. You know how when you’re like 9 and people ask what you wanna be when you grow up? Yea, lol I knew from the jump. How many people get to actually say that? I already mentally prepared to receive this long before I took this exam today! Pray and ask God if it’s yours FIRST always. If he says it’s yours then you have NO reason to worry! This morning I already had pre-written text messages telling my family and friends I passed this exam, before I even took it. And last night just before I went to bed I told myself I already HAVE my license, I just need to take the exam first and then they’ll give it to me! See what I did there? Believe in yourself always and the rest will follow suit! Speak it into existence! But you actually have to believe it!!

Attention errrrbody: As of today I am officially a licensed cosmetologist in the state of California!!!!! Qualified to operate weapons, makeup brushes, and now shears


Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and helped make this happen!!!

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  • NaturallyArtsy

    Congratulations Jackie!! Your work is awesome!!

    • Jackie

      thank you love! I truly appreciate it

  • Deidre


    • Jackie

      thank you Deidre!

  • Liz

    Congratulations!! Woo hoo!

    • Jackie

      thanks so much Liz! x

  • Cydney Irby

    Congratulations beauty!!

    • Jackie

      I appreciate that Cydney x

  • Dineo Maboe

    Whoop whoop and congratulations lady!

    • Jackie

      thank yooou <3

  • jasmine.levenia


    • Jackie

      thanks so much Jasmine! x

  • Sabrina


  • HisMercy

    CONGRATS!!! How inspiring! No matter what your path/field may be…follow your dreams, work hard, trust God, and the rest will fall into place!