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How to Tint Your Eyebrows at Home!

The easiest and inexpensive way to do eyebrow tinting at home! There are brow tinting kits that you can purchase specifically for this, but when I saw one at my local beauty supply store for $40, I said hell to the nawl! Get the same results with demipermanent hair color and I’ll show you how!

eyebrow tinting

This method is not meant to be super dramatic if your brows are already dark like mine. It will help fill in any gaps/holes in your brows are make them appear fuller and darker. The same technique can be used for all complexions/hair colors. For instance someone with blonde/very light brows wanting to go dark brown or red, then you would see a dramatic difference.


Here’s what you’ll need

eyebrow tinting

**Note, I used the color 4N demipermanent hair color which is a dark brown depth/level 4.
***You will also need petroleum jelly (not pictured)

If you’ve never used color at home please please PLEASE do a patch test first for allergy! 24 HOURS prior to performing the tint precedure! If you don’t know how to perform a patch test see this video here


Always read the manufacturers instructions! Example, the Wella hair color line demipermant hair color requires a mixing ratio of 1 part color to 2 parts developer. Every brand is different. In this case, I’ll be using the Zotos line of color which requires a mixing ratio of equal parts color and developer.


I mixed about 1/10 of an ounce total and I still had extra leftover.

Create a protective barrier surrounding the eyebrow using petroleum jelly. This will help protect the parts of the brow you don’t want tinted.

eyebrow tinting


Apply the color onto the brows using a cotton swab. Use the color to draw out your desired shape. Also rubbing the cotton into the skin will help get a fuller appearance. Make sure brows are fully saturated. Do not be alarmed by the color change, that is just the product oxidizing.

eyebrow tinting


Remove excess color with the clean side of a cotton swab.

eyebrow tinting

eyebrow tinting

Use the mascara wand at the head of the brow to soften the color for a more realistic look.


This is where the wait happens! For softer brows allow to sit for 15 minutes. 30 minutes if you want it a bit darker.



Color can be removed with a cotton round and shampoo or soap and water. Enjoy your newly tinted eyebrows!

eyebrow tinting

Results are a natural, non-dramatic fuller looking brow. The gaps that were once there are filled and my brows defintiely look darker, thus making them appear fuller.


try to avoid doing this after a brow wax as pores will be open and it might burn a bit.
-works awesome for the light haired/blonde browed ladies!
-lasts 3-4 weeks
-this is a softer approach to brow tinting. Permanent hair dyes, as oppose to demipermanent, are much harsher and last longer.

That’s pretty much it! I hope you all found this helpful. Thanks so much for reading and watching!


Since this is my last tutorial of the year a HAPPY NEW YEAR is definitely in order! May your year be fulled with prosper, love and laughter! xx

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  • sheree

    Hey! YouTube lead me here and I love it!

    Quick question… can I use the Clairol natural instincts dye to do this? It’s day demi- permanent but just wanted to make sure..