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Belletto Studio Airbrush Demo + Review

Hi babies! This is my review on the Belletto Airbrush makeup system. I demonstrate set-up, as well as how to use the machine including color correction, foundation application, concealing and contouring. Yay for reviews!



For those of you who may remember last year I reviewed a Dinair airbrush makeup system and I do have to admit airbrush makeup takes some getting used to because the first time I was not feeling it at all. I wasn’t getting the coverage I was used to and it didn’t feel or look like I was wearing makeup. That was when I realized with what’s trending right now with makeup and all the beat faces I am so used to seeing and executing I had to remind myself that there is a time and a place for that. I gave it another shot and really learned how to play around with the system and taught myself how I wanted it to look and I ended up really liking it!


So when Belletto Studio contacted me about reviewing their machine I was definitely interested. I didn’t think airbrush makeup could get better (honestly I thought it would all be the same concept, I was wrong). Their shade range is pretty epic, they have everything from light all the way down to cherry wood dark, and I thought that was awesome. The actual foundation is my favorite part of the system, it doesn’t at ALL feel like I am wearing makeup. It’s light-weight, has a beautiful matte finish and provides just the right amount of medium-full coverage that I like. YES it still looks different from the way you’re used to wearing makeup because airbrush makeup is a whole different ballpark, THIS is the makeup for girls who don’t want to look like they’re wearing makeup. Where are you ladies, I know most of you won’t admit it lol but literally this is the machine for you.

belletto studio

belletto studio

belletto studio

belletto studio


Watch this step by step tutorial and I will show you how to put together the machine, how to use it and more of my thoughts on the system.

-Foundation is AMAZING. Beautiful coverage, looks natural and I love love love the finish
-Shade range: they seem to have something for dang near everyone!
-The gentle purring sound is a lot calmer versus the louder buzzing sound with the Dinair system
– I love the fact that I have everything here in this kit from color correcting shades, to foundation, concealer and contouring.
-Easy to use- just plug it in and go. Literally

-The price is a big one for me because I’d expect to pay no more than $300 for a GOOD system and this one retails for $340-$400 (YIKES)

Personally I would not pay retail price for the machine, the makeup I would still use but there are plenty of other great systems you could purchase for almost half the price.


Which is why I am STOKED they gave me a coupon code you guys can use

Get the Ultimate Basics Starter Kit for $89 (originally $380) with Code: onpoint89 — code must be lowercase with no spaces

Get the HD Skin Secrets Starter Kit for $99 (originally $400) with Code: pumpkin99 — code must be lowercase with no spaces

^^Holiday gift ideas? Most definitely!


So that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the machine and what it can do. I hope you guys found the review helpful and ENJOY that discount code ma’am!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week, and enjoying

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  • MizzMadeUp

    Loooved it so gonna get it when I get my paycheck friday….lol…which kit did u get though Basic or HD starter kit??…..Thank u so much..been looking for a airbrush machine for sometime now….perfect for a cheap price…Lots of Love MizzMadeUp

    • Jackie

      lol go ahead and enjoy girl! I received the HD starter kit. be sure to use the coupon code I provided so you can save even more!! hope you like it babe

  • Bells

    heyyyy! Im really thinking I might buy this because I am going to start freelancing….I think its such a good idea, I would just like to ask whether you tried using it with other airbrush foundations? Do you reckon it would still turn out nice? xxx

  • ShellBell

    That was super helpful! Thanks! I saw a groupon out for it right now, and was looking for reviews. Thanks!