Beauty Do’s Don’t and Duh’s!

Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with the amazing Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and we put together my top Do’s Don’ts and Duh’s for women of color for their I Love Makeup channel on YouTube. I absolutely had a blast working with the team, playing with some BB products and overall how much creative control I had over most, if not all of the process. By the way, these tips are not only for chocolate divas but will help Latina’s, East Indian and even Asian women as well.

So here are my tips! By the way, stay tuned for information on how you can enter a GIVEAWAY at the end of the video! 

Tip #1

Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t rock bold colors. Whether it be on the eyes, the lips, the cheeks, wherever. Obviously you all know this isn’t something I have a problem with. But I’ve always felt like because my skin is dark and has color to it wearing bolder, brighter colors just looks amazing because it doesn’t contrast as much. See what I mean?


Tip #2

Foundation Matching – Now this one can obviously get a lot more in depth but I’ll sum it up. Obviously you want to try to match your foundation as close as possible but if  you’re ever in a pinch or emergency situation, let’s say you’re limited on what shades you have to choose from and don’t know what to choose, always go warmer! It’s much safer than choosing a shade that’s lighter than you and getting the white cast of death…


If you want to see TONS more foundation videos on how to shade match and help finding your undertones and such, see these videos:
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Tip #3

When it comes to shadows, go easy on the metallics. Why you ask? They can come across as ashy dull and gray. Now that doesn’t mean skip them altogether because they do look quite fabulous depending on WHERE they are placed. A little pop of metallic on the inner corners of the eyes will make for a brighter and more awake look. But once you start trying to apply the silvers and gunmetals all over the eyelid and they’re smudged out that’s where I find they start to dull our complexion and look ruddy. Often times our undertones are on the warmer, golden yellows or reds so again, use them sparingly. Have you ever seen darker woman wearing a silver or frosty white eyeshadow along her lower lash line?  Glitters being the exception because they are chunky and true to color when applied. They look and reflect their true and exact colors when you apply them. Now again, these are TIPS and guidelines yall. I’m not telling you this is the case for everyone because it’s most certainly not! But for those of you who find yourself clueless when it comes to makeup this is a good start :)


Tip #4

Speaking of makeup newbies, does blush scare you? I know a lot of women, including chocolate divas who feel as if blush just does not look good on them. The devil is a lie girl! Blush looks amazing on women of color! My tip to transition into it is starting with orange and corals. I KNOW it sounds much scarier than it actually is. But orange and coral is actually quite subtle on our skin. My personal favorite is Rule eyeshadow (yes I said eyeshadow) from MAC used as a blush, or Devil blush from MAC. Spice blush from Bobbi Brown makes for the perfect, evening wear or date night blush.



Tip #5

Nude can be done, but it must be done right! Ladies ladies ladies, we simply cannot subject ourselves to slapping on some Blankety or Fleshpot and calling it a day. No. Not today you don’t, no ma’am! There are a lot of people who think women of color can’t pull off nude lips. We most certainly can, we just kind of have to tweak them a but. Always wear with a soft brown or nude (whatever nude is for you) lipliner. Yes lipliner isn’t just for the 80’s and 90’s anymore or for your mom. My personal favorite is Cork from MAC because it’s soft and not too dark. Once the liner has been applied and then the lipstick it makes for a much more natural ‘in-between’ color between your complexion and the lipcolor. That way you don’t get that Tyrone Biggums white ring around your lips.

See how it looks so much more natural on the right side? If you don’t see the difference here you’ll DEFINITELY see it in a flash photo, and it won’t be pretty!

And those are my tips! Here is the link to the official contest rules.

Please be sure to ‘like’ and share the video on YouTube. If you want to see more of me on the I Love Makeup channel, give em a shout and let them know! Whatever you do be sure to subscribe to their channel! They’ve collaborated with some other delightful YouTubers including Weylie of Ilikeweylie and Sophia AKA Fashionista804.

This is probably one of the biggest opportunities for my channel to date and I just wanted to say thank you to the Bobbi Brown and I Love Makeup team for trusting me with your brand and allowing me the opportunity!! Thank you for not taking me serious and allowing me to be my usual corny goofball self lol

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