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December 2012

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Christmas Makeup – Holiday Lips

Red lips never looked so sweet! A simple and easy way to turn a red lip into your Christmas makeup look this holiday.

Christmas Makeup

I’ve been seeing this jazzed up red lip in magazines everywhere this season and I think it’s gorgeous. It can be paired with simple or gold eyes and soft pink cheeks. Since the lip is so vibrant and vivid it’s best to keep everything else low-key and neutral but I do also believe there really aren’t any rules with makeup.


Christmas Makeup

I started off by lining my lips with a soft brown lipliner from MAC called Cork (you know the usual, my favorite)

I then applied Russian Red lipstick, also by MAC, which is quite frankly one of my favorite red lipsticks of all time

To bring the gold alive I used Glama Girl Cosmetics stackable lip colors from their Metallic Mirrors Collection.

And voila! That was the final look. Super easy, right?

Christmas Makeup Tutorial

Do you have a favorite Christmas makeup look or trend? If so, please share :)