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Contest Time?!

Can you guys please tell me what you’d like to see for the 100,000 YouTube subscribers giveaway/contest?! I need IDEAS and inspiration. I am really in a rut these past few months! For a FACT I will be doing a huge Bubble Babez giveaway, so we can knock that off the list. A contest theme and prixes – if you were the winner what would YOU like to see??


It’s so close I can taste it! 


Happy Sunday! <3

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  • Jess

    Maybe you should do a package/prize of what you think are the absolute essentials.. the all star must haves.

    • Shanna Miles

      I agree. A “My Favorite Things” list is appropriate for the season or Best of 2012.

  • Earliscya

    Hi Jackie, I think anything related to makeup is always a good idea! Thanks for all your wonderful work.

  • http://none vanessa

    Brush sets, new bright fall inspiring colors etc. Hope that helps!

  • atsam

    Jackie, i tried to reach u on FB b4 Halloween but when ur not busy, can u do a Poison Ivy inspired makeup? Like different hues of green maybe and how do I get those poison ivy eyebrows. i would like to mimic the character as close as possible

  • atsam

    I know u have a St. Patty’s Day/ Poison Ivy tutorial already but something with lots of greens. thanx

  • xaimarys

    Brush sets would be good, you can also add your favorite make up products that you use on a daily basis that you can get subscribers to have themselves. Either make up or other facial products as well.

  • Wanda

    The contest could be a recreate one of your looks, with prizes of some of your favorites like the ELF face brush, ELF liquid liner, Lash Stilleo, etc… Good Luck!!

  • Blaquebeauty29

    Hi Jackie, great makeup starter kit or an essentials package. Also I would love if you could recreate the look Kelly has in the music video Gone with Nelly.

  • Christabell

    Hey Jackie,

    I think a collection of affordable makeup and brushes that you like to use on your self and would love to share with others would be a great ides.

    Christa X

  • http://recreatemakeupfrommagazine Ruth

    my name is Ruth and I subscribe to your YouTube channel. There is a look I was hoping that you could recreate. It is in the December 2012 InStyle magazine. It is an ad for featuring Iman Channel wearing a gold dress. I love the make-up she is wearing and I would like to do that for the holiday. I am unable to upload the pic from the magazine. my YouTube name is farmersdaughter75.

  • Corissia

    For your 100,000 video you should dedicate it to the most important women in your life. The one who encouraged you and guided you to help get you where you are now. The video would show their makeup look from their era with your twist on it. I hope this helps.

  • Alicia

    Hi Jackie! I agree with a lot of the ladies above…an all star package of basic beauty items that everyone should have in their kit including some of your favorite, go to items, brushes, shadows, foundation, blushes etc. Maybe make a few smaller packages so you can have multiple winners.

    • Kenya Rose

      I will sponsor the prize if you show them ways to use them *hint hint Kockē Cosmetics tutorial*

  • Wanda

    Some great ideas above! How about some of those beautiful LA Splash glitters you use?! I know I would like to have some, but can’t seem to find them.

  • Tamika

    Hi Jackie, I’d like to see you do something FUN, something for you, change up your speech to match the look! I’d like to see you do …dun dun dun…..your ALTER EGO! Ego … Ego… Ego *Echoing Ego* :-) Perhaps a short pixie wig…Blonde, Red, Blue….a Leather Jacket, Grey, Black, Blue or Yellow lips….something out of your norm. Nothing that says Halloween, but would perhaps be your polar opposite. I dunno, it’s just a thought and suggestion.

    Let me know what’cha think :-)

  • linda

    Jackie a makeup brush set + some make up related items you choose would be nice. The contest can be to create a look you choose will personalizing it to suit the contestant features (she should explains those changes at the end of the video heheheh). Please the contest should be open to your international fans too. More than 1 prize will be cooooool *increased chance of winning*