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120 Color Palettes – Worth the Hype?


Ever wonder how those 120 color palettes that keep popping up everywhere REALLY compare when tested next to professional and designer brands?

120 Color Palette

The 120 color palettes are a private label brand of shadows than have recently gained popularity, mainly throughout the YouTube beauty community. From BH Cosmetics, to Coastal Scents, they are all relatively the exact same thing.
I did an experiment using professional eyesahdows on one of my eyes and replicated the same exact look on the other eye using shadows from my 120 Color Palette that I got from My Beauty Mark Cosmetics. I have used shadows from the palettes before, I wanted to see how the actually compare when standing next to a higher end brand.
Here’s the results.

120 Color Palette

Can you tell which eye is which?

When looking at the photo, the eye on the left is featuring high-end eyeshadow, the eye on the right was done using the 120 color palette.
Watch me demonstrate the application of the shadows from the palette in this tutorial.

What’s my verdict?
Overall if you’re a beginner and makeuo and just starting to experiment and explore color and you’re on a BUDGET the 120 color palettes may be just the thing for you.


There are different variations of these palettes, Some feauture only matte eyeshadows, some only shimmer, some have a mixture of both. Some have every single color of the rainbow to the more subtle “neautral” palettes that feature warm and cool hues of golds, cream colors and silvers.
Prices start anywhere from $15.00 all the way up to around $40.00 depending on where you find them (Amazon, Ebay, etc). Personally knowing they are all virtually the same I would not pay more than $25.00 for one.


Now also keep in mind as with most items that are inexpensive they come with a price – you definitely get what you pay for with the 120 color palettes.


Although as you can see above the color payoff and pigmentation is quite well, it really takes a little trickery and “playing with” to get them to work.
The eyeshadows in the palette tend to be on the chalkier side. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, basically when you dig your brush into these they give off like this fine milled almost chalk-like finish that makes them harder to blend once applied to the eye. Literally pick up a piece of chalk if you have one and try digging your brush into it and see what it does!


Knowing that it can either hurt you or help you as an artist. I always say when you learn the hard way to do something it makes for a better artist and the good stuff will be so much eaiser. But if you CAN afford the good stuff, spare yourself some of the trouble with these!


Not to say I do not recommend them, they just take a little extra work and a bit more effort, I would not recommend using these eyeshadows without a base or primer underneath because it just won’t happen. And if you really want good payoff, use a highly pigmented base, like the NYX Jumbo Pencils or MAC Paintpots. And on the flip side – the shimmery shadows tend to be a lot easier to work with. It’s the matte shadows that will give you the chalk problem. Some of them – not all though.
Quality of the palettes and longevity could be a problem too. Don’t expect to get a $20 palette and have it last 3 years. I am by no means saying it’s not possible, but when I ordered my very first palette from Coastal Scents online back in 2010 some of the shadows were broken when I first opened the package. They only continued to crack and crumble from then on, even when they were just sitting on my dresser being untouched somehow. That was kind of weird to me lol but hey for it being so inexpensive I can honestly say I got my money’s worth.


Would I recommend the 120 color palettes? Absolutely! But take heed to the above mentioned warnings and things to be aware of so you’re not shocked of anything should you decide to purchase. I mean for them to be as cheap as $15 you really can’t beat that.
So what do you think of the 120 color palettes?


What is your experience with them and how do you think they compare? If you know of any reputable places and deals to purchase them please leave a comment below for inquiring minds!
Thanks for reading guys! x


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Contest Time?!

Can you guys please tell me what you’d like to see for the 100,000 YouTube subscribers giveaway/contest?! I need IDEAS and inspiration. I am really in a rut these past few months! For a FACT I will be doing a huge Bubble Babez giveaway, so we can knock that off the list. A contest theme and prixes – if you were the winner what would YOU like to see??


It’s so close I can taste it! 


Happy Sunday! <3

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Rose Gold Smokey Eyes


A dark smokey eye combined with the elegance of soft, rose gold in the inner corner, also reminded me of like Robot Barbie makeup :)

smokey eye

smokey eye

smokey eye

smokey eye

smokey eye

smokey eye

The funny this is the eyes are photographing like a dark navy blue but it’s actually not – I used matte black eyeshadow and a dark silver glitter. Either way I still dig it!

-Here’s what I used-

MAC Brow Crayon in Spiked
MAC Studio Finish Concealer
DUO Lash Adhesive
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
LA Splash Glitter in Rockstar
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour Concentrate in Smote
Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Bulletproof
Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner
Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Deep Dark
MAC Blunt Blush
La Femme Madarin Red Blush
Eye M Glam by Giella
MAC Chestnut Lip Pencil
MAC Snob Lipstick
MAC Gel Lipstick

Hope you enjoyed today’s look and you all had a happy Halloween weekend everyone! :-*

toodles <3