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Why You Should Be Taking Biotin!


Yup that’s right, I nominate myself, Jacquelyn Aina of Buckingham Palace as your global ambassador on biotin. Okay just kidding but seriously I don’t know what took me so long to start taking biotin again. The last time I went natural in 2009-2010 I took biotin consistently and saw a tremendous amount of hair growth! I guess vitamins and supplements can get kind of expensive so I just stopped. I am going to keep it up this time around.
Biotin Benefits
Promotes healthy hair
Helps strengthen brittle nails
Helps aid the metabolic process
Aids in glucose production
*many other findings that aren’t scientifically proven, but who cares what they think anyway?! (just kidding)
But FIRST I must say this *ahem* biotin does NOT make your hair grow faster! I don’t believe there’s one miracle hair growth product out there, don’t fall for the hype. Biotin PROMOTES healthy hair growth. A biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss or thinning of the hair. Even if you aren’t deficient of biotin it could be that it just helps illuminate factors that could be otherwise slowing down hair growth. This is what I’ve concluded based on my personal research. Same thing with nails; the reason why my nails have been staying so long and growing because they are stronger, which gives me them a higher chance of staying on my hands longer instead of breaking and chipping off.
By the way, be weary of synthetic supplements! Some supplements out there don’t actually contain the benefits that claim they do. The biotin I’ve been using (actually all of my vitamins including Omega 3 Fish Oil) is from Nature Made. Hope you guys get a chance to try it out and experience the same success I have!
Just wanted to share my success story to you guys if you weren’t already aware of this awesomely inexpensive supplement that’s got many benefits and available at the tip of our fingers! Enjoy!


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  • http://NaturalHair Chinyerum

    Have you ever tried using homemade products such as home made hairs sprays and homemade conditioners to promote hair growth? I have been really interested in this topic and I was wondering if you have made any and if so what you found worked the best for you :)

  • Kym

    Hey Jackie. Have you ever experienced breakouts while takin Biotin supplements? I have acne prone skin and I would like to avoir breakouts AT ALL COSTS lol


  • Kym

    Hey Jackie. Have you ever experienced breakouts while takin Biotin supplements? I have acne prone skin and I would like to avoid breakouts AT ALL COSTS lol


    • Jackie

      no I have not, I do hear that too much of it is one of the side effects though! I too have acne prone skin

      • Jonelle Heywood

        I use a supplement called HAIR SKIN AND NAILS from Nutrilite (the number one organic supplement manufacturer worldwide). Here is a before and after example:
        It is very reasonably priced. You can click on the HAIR, SKIN and NAILS link in the blog post to go directly yo more product info and to order one.

  • http://comingsoon Joelle

    I LOVE Biotin by “Nature Made” It is so amazing for my hair and skin. My hair naturally grows like a weed but it never hurts to have some extra help in my experience.

  • http://none vanessa

    I dont see your list of products for your pumpkin spice tutorial just video