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Outfit of the Day: Bodycon in Santorini

Since I never really formally announced, for those that don’t know I am currently on holiday in Santorini, Greece. It’s my first time visiting Greece and Santorini, is just…I can’t even describe in words how breathtaking this place is.

I am taking advantage of the beautiful backdrops and amazing weather here and showing you guys some of the stuff I’ve been rocking day to day. This afternoon I went for coral as I enjoyed lunch in Oia, a small town where Santorini is most known for and probably most recognized in photos.



What I wore:
Body Con Coral Minidress with mesh | Club L from
White Clutch with silver detail | H&M
Colorblock Wedges |
Gold-plated choker | H&M
Rose Gold Diamond Ring | Forever 21


Please enjoy some of the other photos of Santorini taken today :-*




Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the pics from my trip :-*

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  • Darlene

    Looks amazing!! Enjoy!!

    • Jackie

      thanks Darlene!

  • http://ThisIsTia Tia

    Breathtaking! | My Life In Black+White

    • Jackie

      thanks :)

  • Gabriela

    omg! i’ve always wanted to go to greece! amazing pics and great dress girl! :)

    • Jackie

      thanks :) I hope you get to experience it someday! everyone truly should come see what this place has to offer if they ever get a chance in their lifetime! It’s amazing

  • PJ

    Girl…you look fabulous!!! Santorini is gorgeous and I know you are having the time of your life.


    • Jackie

      Thank you :)

  • http://thankyou nodja

    Amazing pics …. U show dark skin women like myself that dark is beautiful no matter was society thinks …. We can wear any color and wear it better than women if lesser color …. Before I start watching ur videos I would never put on bright colors let alone use them on my face …. Because of u I now have the confidence to wear whatever I want with the knowledge to make it look good on me …. U have show the essence of dark skin beauty…. Thank u

  • http://none vanessa

    Very nice. Thats a place my fiance and I plan on visiting! He loves Europe. Im South-American/American and love the Caribe, but I visited Europe before and loved it!!! I would live in Europe! You look amazing.