Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.


FYI, I did NOT write these emails. This is an impostor.





Dear poser, please get a REAL job!

And to everyone else, please contact me HERE directly for any and all business inquiries only! And should I decide to reach out to you first, please feel free to still use the contact form HERE on the site. Just to be safe and to confirm my identity.

My sincerest apologies to anyone this may have inconvenienced.


The Management

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  • Isunji

    Can I just tell you that my face is really hot right now! The audacity is mind blowing! I can’t even formulate the words… I feel like I should apologize for him/her because clearly they don’t know better or they’d DO better! :o/

  • Gail

    Hi Jackie,
    I am not a company or makeup. I am simply a novice consumer who needs a little bit of help. I recently subscribed to your channel on YouTube and looove it. You tell it like it is, which I think is wonderful. I recently bought MACs Prolongwear Concealer in NW45, but find that it really shows my fine lines (really unattractive). From watching your channel on YouTube I see that you’ve had the same experience. Can you recommend an alternative brand?

    • Jackie

      I really like Coastal Scents concealers as well as Makeup Forever, Graftovian, and the MAC Select Cover-Up concealer :)