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August Favorites!

Welp it’s that time of the month again, my favorite products of the month. What may be a long and drawn out list for some of the other bloggers and vloggers on YouTube is usually condensed into only a few products for me because let’s be real – I’m SUPER picky!


E.L.F. Powder Brush
What’s labeled as a powder brush is actually amazing for foundation!!! Seriously! And it was only a dollar too! GIRL yes. You read that correctly. I have yet to use this for powder, I don’t really use buffer brushes too much but this stuff for my tinted moisturizers and foundations, good Lord!


LA Splash Cosmetics
I’m going to add this entire brand to my list of favorites for the month, simply because they offer an amazing range of well-pigmented products at a STUPIDLY cheap price. You guys know I’m glitter obsessed; my interest in LA Splash has been piqued for about a year now, I just never got around to ordering their stuff until last month. I’m SO glad I did! They have every shade of glitter you can think of, which are also cosmetic grade. And their pigments aren’t too shabby also!!

Diamond Dust in Premium

Pineapple Coral Glitter

Another amazing product is their Splash Sealer. This is THE adhesive you need to keep that glitter on your eyes and off the rest of your face. It’s amazing with glitter products!


The Diamond Dust powders are $8.99 each, the Splash Sealer $6.99 (which STAYS sold out by the way, so if you get your hands on it, buy it, buy 3!), and the glitters will run you about $6.99 each. I love coming across brands that aren’t really well-known but offer amazing products for a fraction of the price. LA Splash does much justice for all us struggling artists yo!


That’s all I’ve got for this month guys. Sidenote: funny enough after I recorded this video I thought of a few more favorites popped up in my head that I didn’t think to include, but it’s all good. There’s always next month :) Stay tuned! Happy Sunday lovers!

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  • Pet

    Hi Jackie, I love that elf brush too! I use it for my powders because I don’t wear foundation. I asked the question below in another blog post, but I figured I will put it in a recent blog so you won’t miss it…lol

    I noticed that you hardly use waterproof mascara. Any reason why? When you do use it, how do you take it off? Many people have a difficult time taking off the waterproof mascara and end up having eyelash damage.

    • Jackie

      Hey there! I usually only work with waterproof mascaras when I HAVE to (IE brides or special events where tears may be involved) the waterproof formulas are so tough to remove sometimes and being that the eye areas are so sensitive I shy away from them for the most part. to remove us a makeup wipe or a cotton ball, soak it in gentle eye makeup remover and GENTLY rub little by little until the product is removed.

  • Tyronda Smith

    Hi Jackie I want to personally thank you for the idea of using a powder brush for liquid foundation. I used it yesterday and it was awesome. I was able to apply my foundation without problems. Thank you again, and keep up the great work.

  • Ambazon

    Please help me! I want a starter kit for my Birthday (October 15th) So all I have to do is get everything together and my totally awesome man will get it for me. I really need help picking brushes! Please Doll! I love how you do your make-up!