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Breakup Makeup (Breakover)

Breaking up is HARD. As a matter of fact I’ve been in la-la land for so long with my (now exboyfriend)I almost forgot what they felt like.

Until recently, I came back to Los Angeles last week for emergency leave. And the day before I was due to fly back to Kuwait I had the awfullest thing brought to my attention via a friend……..the boyfriend got caught, red handed. In the worst way possible. It’s a very messy situation that I care not to even discuss anymore. Let’s just say it’s on some Usher Confessions Part II type of deal…

I don’t understand how we as human beings don’t give each other the bare minimum line of respect to one another anymore. I don’t know what’s going to happen in this situation and it’s not my place to wonder anymore.

What I DO know is that I am quite possibly in one of the best places in my life right now, mentally, physically and spiritually. And obviously I’ve been through a breakup before. I have every intention of getting over this one the same way I’ve done in the past. With God on my side anything is possible! I refuse to go out like that!

And guess what? God is on your side too. This video is for any woman who’s ever been through what I have through or worse. To be able to still pick your head up, look in the mirror, smile and feel beautiful is CRUCIAL. Remember it’s not YOU, it’s HIM. Let’s keep it pushing and keep workin!

FYI – I saw the title “breakover” in this months Glamour mag issue. I thought it was too freakin perfect. Breakover; after breaking up with your boyfriend and geting glammed the hell up, whether it be through a hair color and/or cut or a new makeup. It’s time for a Breakover!

There’s no particular reason why I chose blue for this look, it in no way is a reflection of being sad or upset lol Really I just used blue glitter because I wanted to try my new LA Splash pigments and glitters that I just got my hands on!

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  • Candice Selby

    I know the feeling :-/ Nothing like a crazy breakup to give you the strength and inspiration to better yourself mentally, physically and spiritually though. It hurts but gives the best motivation!

  • http://Website Shamma

    Jackie I admire you and wish you healing and blessings

  • http://Website kl

    Your blog was forwarded to me from a friend after we had a long discussion about nude colored lipsticks/lipglosses. I have been reading it for about a solid hour so far and I can’t stop! You have answered just about all of my makeup questions! Thanks so much for all the helpful makeup tips! I am also a big fan of Mac makeup and after reading your blog, I have already jotted down a few their products I want to try. And the Urban Decay Naked Palette seems to be exactly what I have been looking for as far as eyeshadows. Good luck to you and praying for your healing from the breakup.

    • Jackie

      Thank you so much and welcome to my blog!! I hope that you’re enjoying it thus far, stop by more often please! And let me know if you have any video/blog post requests :)

  • http://Website Mocha

    Jacky i wish you strength, faith and love. God has someone better in mind
    for you. He wants you to have a MAN that wants to grow along with you.
    Your beauty is one pure well as a spirit bright enough to touch others.

    Be blessed and keep giving love!


    • Jackie

      Thank you so so much, your kind words do not go unnoticed!

  • http://Website Jackie

    Been there done that and now it’s time to move on!!!! Next fish where are u? lol

    • Jackie

      I know that’s right!

  • http://Website Daniella

    You are beautiful. Inside and out.

    • Jackie

      Thank you sweetheart!

  • Stacy


    Sorry that this happened, but obviously something better is in store for you. I can’t for the life of me understand why she would want him after knowing he is a liar and a cheater. But I guess if she had any good sense she wouldn’t have settled for being a sideline whore to begin with. If she thinks she “won”, she is sadly mistaken. We all know what she is getting, a liar and cheater who will now father her unborn child. What morals does he have to teach? It won’t be until later that she’ll come to realization. She did you a favor without even knowing it. Sideline whore kill me because they seem to think they have the golden vagina that will magically keep him from cheating on them. WRONG! She’ll be cheated on next, but hopefully she is smart enough to expect it, but I doubt it. However, when he does, I would love to know about it. LOL! Does she even care that you and he were in England while she remarried in the states pregnant? Anyway good luck and I know the guys have been lined up waiting for the sucker to be gone from your life.

    Take Care!

    P.S. Looking at the picture you posted on Instagram, he had let himself go anyway. I noticed the weight gain. She was a frumpy chick, straight up downgrade. That is all! LOL!

    • Stacy

      I meant did she care he was in England with you while she REMAINED in the states. Sorry for the typo.

      • Jackie

        When did we go to England? lol

  • stacy

    Didn’t you post pics of you guys in Paris? Please don’t tell me I just made that up! Lol! I swear you posted pics at the Eiffel tower or something.

    • Jackie

      I was in Paris with a family member earlier this year, but not with him. You’ve probably seen photos of us visiting Dubai for Christmas lol

  • stacy

    I thought you went to both places with him. OK. My bad! Lol!

    • Jackie

      lol it’s all good Stacy

  • kendra

    Is there a way we can get a list of the products used? I LOVE this look!!