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Gradient Lip Tutorial

 The ever so popular gradient/ombre lip has taken everyone by storm, it’s fun, funky and photographs amazingly well for photoshoots.

Whether you’re just looking to try something new, a way to spice up your portfolio or just color obsessed like me, stay tuned and I’ll show you the technique I used so that you can follow suit using whatever products you prefer!

There’s many different types and color arrangements for this look, today I went for something summer inspired and I used a combination of lip pencils and OCC Lip Tars.

1. Moisturize. Begin with clean, well moisturized lips. If need-be use a lip exfoliator to get rid of deadskin. I used the Bubble Babez Lip Dujoir in Cotton Candy, which smells and tastes amazing!

2. Conceal. This step may vary from person to person but I have darker lips and wanted an even palette to work with to get maximum color payoff so I dabbed a bit of concealer over my lips first.

3. Lipline. This step is also optional, you can go right in with color or line your lips first. I wanted to add some pink so I lined my lips with Magenta Lipliner by MAC. Use a lip brush to blend out the lipline so you don’t have any harsh lines, and this will also begin the gradient/fading effect to the look.

4. Color. Apply Hoochie Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Start on the outside of the lips and leave enough room in the center of the lips for 2 additional colors, or whatever design you are going to do. Apply with a lip brush. I HIGHLY suggest starting off with minimal product as Lip Tars can be a bit tricky to work with. A small amount goes a long way. Build your way up for more color payoff. Dab the lip color on versus sliding around as you would any other lip color as dabbing it will give you a bit more control since color placement is key.

5. Apply Banjee Lip Tar on the center/middle of the top and bottom lips. You still want to leave a bit of space in the inner-most center of the lips for that yellow we’ll be apply later. Again, apply with lip brush. Go back and forth between the purple and the orange on your lips to make it appear as if the two colors are blended into one another.

6. Time for the yellow! I used Traffic Lip Tar and began dabbing a bit of this into the inner most center of the lip.

7. Conceal. Got carried away? Made a few mistakes around the lip lines? Take an angled brush and dab it into the concealer we used earlier and use it to clean up any mistakes around the mouth and to trace out a smooth, perfected line for a flawless look.

And Viola! Whatever you do, DON’T rub your lips together!

This is obviously just for looks and not for someone looking for a long-term commitment. 

Here’s another combo I did using MAC Minted Eyeliner around the outer rim of my lips, OCC RX liptar, and Hoochie Lip Tar in the center. This isn’t exactly an ombre look, more like tyedye-ish but it’s still pretty neat right?

Happy painting! <3
-Jackie O

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  • http://Website nubian_queen15

    this is so beautiful. i’m not a mua. my everyday job is faaarrr from it ( i’m in medicine), but i still appreciate all forms of art. this is utterly beautiful, & while it may not b an everyday look, i still appreciate it. if anything, i’d tweek it a bit, & wear it out. thank u 4 sharing.