Life in Kuwait!

Tons of people that are new to my channel have been asking me, what the heck are you doing in Kuwait?! I thought it would be great to re-introduce the newbies to why I am here and what I do!

So many of you know when I started doing YouTube videos I had just began to explore makeup professionally, I had been living in Hawaii and was working for MAC Cosmetics. Shortly after I moved back to Los Angeles, I began freelancing as a makeup artist on my own and continued my duty as a US Army Reservist. And then a friend of mine got a job here in Kuwait and I sent in my resume and got the job! The company I work for is an American aviation company and we work WITH the US military. That’s all that needs to be said about what I do, no disclosing the company name or my salary, so please do not ask!

I was so excited! My job here is not a military deploment, it’s just like any other job except I live here in Kuwait. We work FOR the US goverment but we’re not actually here as servicemembers. So I put my military career on hold to except the job here. Which is great, since it’s not a deployment I have the luxury of living within the city versus on a military base, I have the freedom to travel on my free time if I’d like.

Some of the other places I’ve been blessed to visit while I’m here: Paris, Germany, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, and hopefully many more in the future.

I wanted to talk to you guys a bit about the culture here and show you guys what a typical mall here in Kuwait looked like. First of all they are VERY accepting of American culture and lifestyle, for the most part. NO as a woman I don’t have to be fully covered. We just have to be mindful and respectful. So sure I can wear a skirt or a short dress and they really cannot do much to punish you, but you just have to be willing to deal with the awkward stares lol but it’s really not as strict here as you may think it is.

Alcohol is illegal in Kuwait, which doesn’t really effect me since I don’t drink much 😛

The men here when it comes to approaching women can be quite aggressive! When they ask you for your number and you tell them no, it’s like they don’t take “no” for an answer lol it’s quite funny actually. But do I worry about my safety here? Yes and no. There is danger ALL over the world, even in the US!

The cost of living here is quite expensive, the Kuwaiti dinar is almost 3 and a half times more than 1 US Dollar. The Kuwaiti Dinair also beats the Euro, so Kuwait is FAR from third world living, contrary to what most might believe.

The religion here is Muslim, there is actually a mosque behind my apartment! They pray all throughout the day and the prayer is played over a loud speaker during certain times of the day. We also observe Ramadan here, which basically means for a whole month in the summer, mandatory fasting until sunset, not even gum chewing! But this really doesn’t effect me since I sleep during the day, because I work over night, thank God lol

As for the demographics here, Kuwaiti’s are surprisingly more like the minority here. There are tons of Filipinos, Ethiopians, Somali’s, Egyptians, Nigerians, Brits, Americans, Indians, Pakistani, and other races here as well. It really is quite a nice mixture of people

Did I tell you how much American culture is accepted here?! They have everything we have and much more: Krispy Kreme, Chili’s, PF Changs, Applebee’s, Buffalo’s, McDonald’s (of course) and ALL of them deliver.

I also love how the culture here is so beauty obsessed. Makeup artistry, plastic surgery and all things beauty are all the rave here. People are always looking for the next best thing, we have everything state of the art with beauty and cosmetics. Which makes the makeup artist like me fit right in :)

People have asked do I get homesick, OF COURSE! I have a man and a family as home! My boyfriend has visited here for Christmas and he spent a few days here with me and we spent Christmas in Dubai which was amazing. But fortunately I have been blessed to have made some friends with locals here, I have a photographer and have met a few models and even done makeup and photoshoot. Luckily for me and the freetime I have I am also able to still do makeup (and videos) with my freetime, which is awesome.

Thank you guys for allowing me to share this experience! You will see more videos like this in the future, and I will try to take you some place else next time :) For now here’s some footage of me at my favorite mall, the Avenues Mall here in Kuwait.

Toodles, love you all!
Jackie O

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  • http://Website Sabra

    The religion is called Islam, a follower of it is called a Muslim.

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  • http://Website Marla S.

    Thats awesome! You seem to enjoy life there, which is good. I come from a HUGE family and could not imagine life without them. Praying for you!

  • American Girl

    Just came across your blog today! Love the video, love the makeup, and love how much you seem invested in learning the culture! Welcome to Kuwait. Hope you learn to love it as much as many of us have over the years :)

    • Jackie

      Thank you so much :)

  • http://Website Valarie

    Where did you order your makeup. I’m stationed in Germany myself.

  • http://Website Koni

    We love you too Jackie! God bless you

  • http://Website James Denny

    Hi jackie o nice video my name is james im from pittsburgh pa i was thinking about moving to kuwait to work on airplanes as a mechanic i have never been anywhere in the middle east kuwait seems kinda cool i have never been in the military im an aspiring graphic artist in my spare time and working on building my own wesite. im 35 white but kinda tan if you could email me with some tips on places to go to hang out or live that are nice and places to avoid i would be grateful thank you

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  • Reem

    Hey, Jackie! I don’t know how to start this but I love your make up! Love it! And I live in kuwait too! The first video I saw was the ‘Why are you in Kuwait?’ I was really shocked. A famous youtuber lives in kuwait. Oh My God. And I had this major freak out moment. So I decided to look through your videos and you’re very good. I fell in love with your work. I go to the avenues a lot. Next time, I’ll look for you *wink* *wink* haha, i’d love to meet you. You seem really nice!

  • DANA

    hey girl xD, i just wanted to say thanks a lot for the really nice words u said about kuwaiti ppl and Kuwait as a cultural country., i really respect that and appreciate it a lot.. and about the kuwaiti Boys LOL, i think you’ll get used to it ;p just dont answer them and u’ll be fine ;p.

  • Stephan Ulvund Øien (Makeup Artist IsaDora)

    Hi and thank you so much for your post! Im going to Kuwait this November or Desember promoting the makeup brand i represent, IsaDora. And I had so many questions on how the culture is. And things to have in mind.

    Staying for 2 days, and traveling alone. Would realy love to have a chat with you on facebook or mail (Stephan Ulvund Øien), just to get some insights about resepecting culture etc.


  • Angela

    Thanks for the blog. I’m a black American woman and will be moving to Kuwait in Jan. 2013 with European husband and 2 boys. What about hair issues? Do you do your own, salon…? Would love to get any feedback from you on Kuwait. Thanks so much

  • Mayborn7

    Jackie, you are so amazing. If I had had the opportunity to work abroad, I would have jumped on it in a minute. Keep doing you, girl.

  • nubianepistle

    Hi Jackie, I found your video while looking for information on Kuwait. I loved the mall tour. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos. Thanks.

  • mystique

    Hi Jackie! I was quite in awe of your look in this video, you look stunning! Would you be kind enough to tell me which eyeshadow color you’re wearing? Many thanks :)

  • Jawahir

    Hey, I just have something to clarify, I’m Kuwaiti and I live here, I just wanted to say that in Ramadan, if you’re not, like, Muslim, you don’t have to fast, as long as you don’t eat in public during the day, that’s fine, but if you wanna fast, that’s your choice.

  • 贝丽

    Hey Jackie, Love your videos! Just discovered them through the black history month makeup tutorials(very cool!) I have a job offer in Kuwait and I found your video… I was like “Is that makeup girl?!”. lol anyway… I was wondering.. Do you still live in Kuwait?The mall shot was pretty informative. Do you find that most of the luxury stores are the foreign ones? Also I’m a heavy set woman and I’ve dealt with some pretty bad stuff when I was living in China. Could I expect that from Kuwaitis?