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Favorite Nude Lipcolors for Women of Color!

This is a list of my all-time favorite nude lip colors, most of them happen to be MAC because as many of you know I used to work there. MAC is easily accessible and since most of you guys are familiar with the brand I hope you all find this video helpful!

Whoever said black girls can’t wear nude lipsticks was a LIE!

Here’s the secret to getting it to work: pair it with a BROWN lipliner. A soft brown lipliner will prevent that light-white ring you’re used to seeing whenever you try to wear a nude lipcolor on its own. The brown will provide a much more natural transition color from your natural skin tone, to the lipstick. Since many of us have dark lips, this works great! My favorites are Chestnut and Cork (my favorite) by MAC.

In no particular order…
1. Viva Glam V Lipstick by MAC – an amazing perfect, everyday wearable nude pink that provides just enough color to be worn in the office.
2. Viva Glam Lipglass by MAC – Same as #1 in a gloss form. I don’t pair the two together, though. That’s too boring for me!
3. C-Thru Lipglass by MAC – Definitely a great lipgloss when I want a light-nude lip
4. Petty Beige Lip Tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – this one is a great dupe for #6! Except lip tars aren’t glossy
5. Revealing Lipglass by MAC – HANDS down my faaaavorite nude lipsglass! I get the sexiest nude lips with this one and so many compliments! I feel as if this one is my staple nude lip product
6. Siss Lipstick by MAC – A really going out clubbing nude when you want that beautiful, Iman via Sam Fine sculpted lip
7. Fresh Brew Lipstick by MAC – a great everyday wearable nude that’s a bit darker than Siss, and is a Lustre finish so it’s so much more moisturizing!
8. Faux Lipstick by MAC – a very feminine and girly nude pink when I want a more flirty look
9. Peachstock Lipstick by MAC – ding ding ding, the WINNER is this one! Let me tell you, I wear the HELL out of my Peachstock lipstick! Pair this with Cork lipliner, and Revealing lipglass. It’s the epitome of what a nude lip is supposed to look like. And I love wearing it with my blues!


Freshbrew lipstick (totally forgot to swatch this one so here’s a photo of me wearing it)

Faux Lipstick

Siss Lipstick

Peachstock Lipstick

Those are just a few of my favorites to show you all there are plenty of nude lippies for us to go around!! Feel free to share yours :)

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  • http://Website nubian_queen15

    thanx 4 the info. what lipliner would u suggest for someone waaaay darker than u ? chestnut lipliner doesn’t show up on me. i use it on my eyebrows ( so that it doesn’t go 2 waste), & i still have 2 use black on top of that. i’v tried 2 make nude l/s work 4 me, but i think beyond a certain skin tone, it’s just not very flattering. trust me my dear, u r not what i consider dark at all. colors still show up on u, very beautifully.

    • Jackie

      You’re actually not really supposed to see the lipliner when you put it on, so the fact that Chestnut, disappears when you put it on should actually be perfect! As long as it’s not lighter than you’re complexion, you’re fine

      • Buhle

        Hi Jackie,

        I live in Australia and I just love this video . Decided to get all the colours but I’m pulling my hair out coz I can’t find revealing or petty beige lip glosses. Not even on e-bay or amazon. Any other suggestions? Can you also do videos for eye and cheek make-up ( nude look).


  • http://Website Shamma

    I love shy girl with pervette, I just recently bought my first bold color in up the amp and I said I would never go nude again, but you just showed some beautiful ones here. For Sunday’s to church I usually wear Snob. I just said no more Mac shopping and this does not help. I think I’m addicted to lipstick.

  • http://Website 36-24-36

    I like Touch lipstick from MAC. I like the way Faux look on you. I have enough empties to get 3 lipsticks from Back to Mac program. I just need one more color to try.

  • http://Website Lei

    Hey Jackie, thank a mil for this, i just went unto mac to purchase these products online but I cant seem to find revealing at all. Any suggestions?

  • http://Website shasha

    Can’t find revealing or petty beige…

  • http://allthingsmeee.blogspot.com Quala

    I love Fresh Brew! It’s my go to lipstick!

  • http://thebombshelley.blogspot.com/ Brittany

    Hi! i just watched your video on nude lippies for women of color and I can’t seem to find MAC Revealing or OCC Lip Tar in Petty Beige – it looks like both have been discontinued :-( Can you suggest a dupe please? Thanks!

  • http://instagram.com/vikasarr VV

    Hey Jackie i’ve just discovered ur channel and u were right to call it makeupgameonpoint because it is ok :) anyway i wanted to know the blue eyeshadow u used on the pic with the peachstock please. Which brand is it? thank u