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OMGz China Glaze

This MAY come as a surprise to most, but I’m SUCH  a tomboy when it comes to my nails!! I work so much with my hands and am constantly washing them that nail jobs for me are seriously pointless because within hours they are already chipped. If I do have them done, I usually keep the color nude or neutral because as wild as my clothing and makeup choices can be I really don’t care for all that color on my nails throwing everything else off.

Every now and then I come across a nail color that’s obsession worthy and this month it’s China Glaze Peachykeen


I’m somewhat of an ex-nail biter, I’ve been able to (for the most part) kick the habit while here in Kuwait, China Glaze has this BOMB formula that makes your nails super hard!!

Isn’t this THE perfect color for summer?! If my nails don’t match all my outfits I get annoyed, which is one of the reasons why I stay away from color on my nails. Nail color is a little bit more a commitment versus makeup; which washes off at the end of the night, but I love how this looks on my skin and the fact that it’s neutral enough to be everyday wearable with just the right amount of color.

And the Seche Vite top coat does exactly what it claims – super fast dry time in like five minutes, and the SHINE?! Who needs a professional?! I love this stuff! Whenever my nails look THIS cute, it really encourages me not to bite them, how can you rip apart something this fab?

Expect to see more nail looks from me!! But don’t expect them to last longer than 48 hours, I am warning you in advance LMAO


Love you all,
Jackie O

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  • the upscale beauty

    love the china glaze, hope to carry them in our store real soon.

  • Marquisha “Keke” Powers

    Hey, Ms. Jackie, Its keke I just wanted to congratulate you on all of your success and hard work over the years, I’ve spoken with you once before, on Twitter as a 18 MUA joining the US Army you have really inspired me to know that I can do it all, if I put my mind to it. I appreciate you more so, as a black woman, that I can more so relate to also. You put me up on game with makeup. I’ve learned so many things, and people are surprised to knoe I’m only 18 working as if I’m older, and that makes me feel so good. And all I’m trying to do is get as good as you! Lol. Thank you for all the knowledge you have given me since I’ve been subscribed to you for over a year now.

    Thank You, Marquisha Powers. :)

    • Jackie

      I remember our conversation from twitter, thank you for taking the time to write me this! It means more to me than you know. I still wish you all of the best, stay blessed :)

  • Quala

    I love this color! I don’t have any China Glaze polishes, but I definitely want to try this.