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Kim Kardashian Concealer Tutorial

Recently one of my favorite makeup artists on YouTube, GossMakeupArtist, did a video tutorial on how to achieve the coveted Kim Kardashian concealer method that everyone is raving about. Regardless of whether you love or hate the gal, her makeup always looks on point. And the tutorial he uploaded inspired me to show you all how to achieve similar results but for darker skin women. There are many makeup artists and enthusiasts alike that want to emulate Kim K’s makeup looks. I have yet to (personally speaking) find one for dark women. So here’s my take on it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A full coverage concealer – I’m using MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer in NW40
A medium coverage concealer – I used MAC’s Select Cover-Up, also in NW40
(both of the above mentioned concealers are lighter than my complexion and serve as a highlight, you want to use something that’s one-two shades lighter than you)
A translucent setting powder – I am using the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
Beauty Blender sponge and latex (or non latex) sponges
A fixing spray – I used MAC’s Fix +
A face powder – I used the Mineralized  Skinfinish Natural in Dark Deep by MAC

Here’s the instructional video

Enjoy guys!

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  • http://Website Kimberly

    You didn’t list the highlighter that Kim’s makeup artist uses. That’s o.k. I will review you vid again to get it. thank you for doing this tut!

  • http://Website nubian_queen15

    that was a great tutorial. i watched the same tut on wayne’s channel. i remember he said that really dark women would have 2 highlight more than contour. i think that would apply 2 women with really deep skin tones, like myself ( nw55). if i had 2 contour, the only color that would show up on me is black, & i think that would b too harsh. thanx 4 translating this 4 darker women

  • http://Website Arielle

    Hi, I was wondering if you have tried mineral makeup…I am getting married in 2 weeks and want to use mineral.I have rosecea and I heard it is better for my skin. I dont war mac cuz they keep giving me the wrong color.I guess im a medium brown.

    • Jackie

      I have used Bare Essentials and to be honest I didn’t care for it. It made me too oily

  • http://Website Gabbs

    Nubian_queen15: don’t be afraid to use black to contour….I remember reading how Missy Elliot’s makeup artist used MAC Carbon e/s on her as contour. I think blended well should just look like a shadow on your skintone :)

    • Jackie

      Not afraid at all, black matte eyeshadows are perfect when I need that drag-esque contour. For this look it’s just entirely took dark for me and too harsh. Using warmer contour colors will warm the skin and add to that feminine bronzey glow Kim K is famous for

  • http://Website jo

    I love your tutorials. It helps when you use products fr WOC. I don’t see Ben Nye makeup in Macy or Can you let me know where to find it? Thanks

  • http://none vanessa

    U did not list the highligh I am Glam. Who makes it and where can I find it?

  • Bri

    So beautiful! Ima beginner so I’m definitely taking notes!

  • aisha yousef

    Sorry, what brush did you use to contour the darker shade?