I never got to talk about PARIS and GERMANY!

This is the vacation blog that’s long overdue!

You remember that little flier I posted recently about going on tour? Well I recently just got back and am finally getting around to talking about it!

I spent a total of 10 days in Paris. My cousin from Los Angeles flew out there and met me in Paris, our flights just so happened to be minutes apart so we got to meet right at the airport! The fact that she had a friend in Paris also helped, she hosted us for a few nights and helped us get in and around town and helped us check into our hotel.

My initial reaction to Paris might shock some, mainly those that have never been there. To be quite honest at first I was NOT impressed. I found that people were actually quite rude there, and if you don’t act a certain way they will not give you the time of day! Some also appear to be offended when you speak to them in English, almost as if it’s insulting to speak English! My first day there I got injured! My foot got stuck in a metro doorway (I was trying to help someone else that got stuck and got hurt in the process) EVERYONE saw us struggle and no one got up once to help two ladies in a jam. It was awful and at that point my first day there I was already ready to go home!

I think once I got over the initial shock I began to actually enjoy it. When in Rome, do as the Romans do right?

Aside from the rude people and me getting hurt, everything about planning our trip was perfect lol. We had a great hotel near the city center and right near a metro so getting in and out of town was super easy. I was extremely impressed with their public transportation system, it’s even better than New York! Their metros run minutes apart most days. And everything in Paris is fairly easy to get to.

My favorite part about Paris is no matter where you live, for the most part, everything is easily accessible. I mean like walking distance too! You know how when you live in LA and you want to go grocery shopping you hop in your car drive a few miles and you’re there? Yea, not in Paris! We’d walk outside our hotel and even in the this little bitty small town we stayed in there tons of people out and about every evening, all of the local business were having their sidewalk sales! And that’s another thing, small businesses THRIVE here! Rather than your Applebee’s, Carl’s Jr., and Burger King restaurants, there are tons of mom and pop shops that make up a lot of the city. I absolutely loved that! Instead of larger franchises there are so many little bity individual restaurants and shops. It really is refreshing walking outside your hotel and visiting a local restaurant next door and having an amazing home-cooked style meal.

And the the food there??! Off the chain. Nuff said!

I was amazed out how great some of the site seeing was…

The Arc De Triomphe

Sacré Cœur

Eiffel Tower

The Louvre Musuem

my favorite little local bakery

Other misc. places and things

Some of the lovely ladies who were kind enough to get in touch with me when I announced I’d be visiting Paris, we all had dinner together :)



Originally I had planned on visiting London and couldn’t get clearance into the country!!! (SCREW you Heathrow Airport!) But anyhow, I ended up in Germany because of that, and to be quite honest I am so glad I did. Germany was breathtaking…

I took a bus into Rhine where there were tons of dope castles…

and then I went wine tasting! It was my first time! Germany has AMAZING ice wine! If you’re ever in Rhine, I highly recommend it!

OK you German boys I see you!! LOL

Here’s the video footage I took of everything, hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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  • Lisa

    Great blog Jackie. Thank you for sharing your trip! It’s looks like a wonderful time. My girl is talking about maybe moving to Paris for two years. Whether she does or not,,,I wanna go! lol

    • Jackie

      I say go for it! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Nikki

    Aside from the rudeness, it sounds lovely! Im even more excited now. My godfather had once told me the same thing about the people there being rude to Americans and not wanting to speak English. I took 6-7 years of French so Im brushing up before I go, just in case 😉

  • Andhikaapri

    I was in Paris for a week last summer and I do not speak French. The only two words that I used in French were Bonjour and mercy and that was egounh. I visited major turisty Paris attractions, ordered food in restaurants without any communication problems. No one treated me as ugly american . Though, I still have a Russian accent:-) The only problem during the whole trip I encountered was finding luggage lockers in Paris Train Station before going for 2 days to Brussels. I spent 45 min asking and searching and finally gave up and locked my luggage when I came to Brussel Train station.