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Yves Saint Laurent Cosmetic Review

For quite some time now I’ve been wanting to try some of Yves Saint Laurent’s products a lot of people rave about. I’ve heard so many fabulous things about their Touche Eclat that I finally gave in one day and bought it, there’s a funny story behind that.

So I was on a plane ride to Bahrain when an idea popped in my head; why don’t I do some duty free shopping! I’d never purchased products on a plane before and I wanted to be cool for once lol. So I whipped out the catalogue, and said I want THAT! *points at the Touche Eclat*.

Unfortunately I find that duty free products, especially the designer cosmetics, come in 2-packs. Which meant I had to buy not ONE Touche Eclat, but TWO! The total for both was about $70 USD. I was pretty convinced I’d be satisfied with the product so it didn’t really bother me. Maaaan, I took those bad boys home and when I got home and opened them, they were shade #1….the LIGHTEST shade. LMAO. I couldn’t use them!!! Not even as a highlight!

Luckily buying makeup in the wrong shade is a gift that keeps on giving. For myself I can always just put it in my makeup kit and use it on clients, which is what I’ve been doing. It was definitely a lesson learned!

I didn’t purchase the product again until visiting Paris on vacation. I stopped at a Sephora store off the Champs Elysees and just HAD to have it. I also picked up their Faux Cils Mascara, now THAT stuff I’ve seen in action and it’s amazing. I absolutely knew I’d fall in love with the mascara, and that I did!

As for the Touche Eclat, it’s advertised as a radiant touch highlighter for the face, and being that I purchased the shade that’s my exact skin tone it just doesn’t do that for me. Perhaps I should try a shade that’s a bit lighter. Overall, I think it’s a nice product to use when you want that “makeup without looking like I’m wearing it” look. I also like the fact for the most part it lasts all day and doesn’t really crease. While I do applaud them for releasing more shades that are women of color friendly, I do believe they have more work to do in that aspect. I truly wish more mainstream makeup companies would realize that we’re dark, we’re beautiful and we’re here to stay. EMBRACE us! Rather than ignoring us because it may not be marketable. And I don’t mean YSL, I just mean in general.

The mascara, again, is an absolutely fabulous must-have of the year. Their stuff is pricey, absolutely. But you definitely get what you pay for and much more with their mascara’s. It does absolutely everything I need it to do in a mascara: Volumizes, thickens and lengthens. I love that there’s tons of product in the tube, BUT use with caution! That can easily be a recipe for clumps. I on the other hand don’t mind a little clump on my lashes, mainly the roots. It makes them look even more thick and full. I can go on and on with mascara’s but just know that I LOVE this stuff!! I really wanted to try their Shocking brand but that one has been harder to find for some reason. I will definitely get my hands on it eventually!

I hope you guys enjoyed the review and had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! Remember those who serve

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406170405 Alexandre

    Hm… Not sure you’d get the full benefit of the maarsca in a small wand, but I’ve tried that one before and it’s probably my favourite ever. I think I had the “ultra-black” shade (I never quite get that, but everyone seems to have a “blacker than black” maarsca now).

    • Jackie

      I love this mascara, the wand is the same size as what I’m using now. Large wands don’t work for people with fuller lashes like myself it’s just a mess