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How to Chose a Foundation

Is wearing the right foundation shade as important to you as it is to me?!

I would hope so!

I’m going to share with you guys some of my favorite tips on how to choose the right foundation shade.

1. Start with not one, but THREE shades
Choose the one you think might be your exact shade, and then two other shades that are lighter and darker than your shade. That way if your first choice isn’t correct, you already have others to choose from. You know how when you try on a dress you’re not quite sure if you’re a small or a medium so you bring both to the fitting room? Same exact thing with makeup.

2. For heaven’s sake, no more swatching on the wrists!
Your forearm and your face are on two completely opposite ends of the body. I know it may seem logical to just see how the color looks there, but you will not get a true shade match there, trust me!

3. Swatch on the center of the chest
This one may confuse you a bit. But I hear a lot of women say they take a photograph and their neck and chest don’t match their face. And that might be due to the fact that you swatched along your jawline or chin versus your chest. If you want your makeup to match relatively close to your chest, especially when wearing a low neckline, you want to at least make sure the foundation matches there too. Makes sense now, right? My face is all kinds of multi-toned. I’m much darker on the bottom half of my face but lighter everywhere else and this method still works for me.

4. When shopping for foundation, NEVER buy immediately after trying it on
If I’m interested in a foundation I never buy it right then and there. Why? Because the color may match int he store, but what about how it looks, 3, 4 or 4 hours later? Will it oxidize? Will it darken? Does it work for oily skin? Will I have an allergic reaction
to any of the ingredients? These are all important factors to consider. My best advice is to ask the person working at the counter if they can demonstrate the foundation for you, have your whole face done. Walk around the mall or store for a few hours. See how it mixes with your body chemistry. Even take a few test shots with a camera or cell phone. Why not?

5. Take a friend!
This one can be a double-edged sword. There are the friends that think they know everything (we all have them), and the ones that truly don’t know better. I’d definitely bring someone with me that was also a makeup artist or at least someone who has my best interests at heart. The sales person selling the product is there to SELL. They don’t always have your best interest at heart. I know they try though and not all of them are bad, but hey, better to be safe than sorry!

6. Ask for samples!
Who doesn’t want free samples?! If not one day, why not try it out for 2, or 3 days! If they don’t give samples see tip #4 and 5 above.

What’s your favorite way to shade match? Someone once taught me about the chest method, so if you have any tips or tricks feel free to share them here!

Happy shade shopping!

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  • http://Website Lauren-Laila

    This just made my night/summer/life! Thank yu :)))

    • Jackie

      Thank YOU! I hope you enjoy my blog :)