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Bridal Beauty Tips

So I’m getting tons of inquiries about doing makeup tutorials for bridal beauty as well as bridal beauty tips so I am fully committed to tackling down this genre of makeup!

But since bridal beauty IS such a huge industry with a wide range of different types, I’d also like to hear from you guys, what would different types of bridal beauty would you like to see? I know there’s got to be more ideas out there!

Here’s some of the ideas I’ve come up with:
The bold bride
Indian Bridal
Pin-Up Bridal
Traditional Bridal
Airbrush Makeup Bridal
Bridal Featuring the Urban Decay Naked Palette

Obviously bridal for women of color is a given so we can knock that topic out lol

What do you guys think? Leave your submissions here, please!

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  • Crystal

    Thank you for all of your knowledge!!! And I appreciate your videos!!!

    1. Traditional Bride (Would this one including “Natural Bride”?
    2. Bold Bride

  • http://Website Angel

    As I am a small business owner that deals primarily with vintage fashions and such, I would like to add “Vintage Bridal or Weddings”. This encompasses so many “eras” leaving quite array of options, styles and designs to work with.

  • Sheila Raines (Indian Blue Cosmetic Artistry)

    Would “bold” be the same as modern bride? Lately I’ve been getting a lot of request for non-traditional makeup like a pin-up look. By far thee most requested is a smokey eye. So many of my clients watch these bridal shows where some lucky girl is getting this fabulous wedding makeover. The event is at night with lots of Hollywood lights and glam for the sake of television. Then these real world girls come to me wanting a smokey eye. I give them a daytime smokey and they’re happy, but I’m running out of modern bridal look ideas. Can’t wait for the Naked Palette. I’ve only done one wedding using my palette.

  • http://Website Danielle Wise

    PIN UP BRIDE PLEASE!!!! I know you have a fairly recent tutorial but I can never watch too many of your videos! LOL but im doing a pin up look for my wedding in November so I would love to see another tutorial! Thanks to you i’m doing my OWN makeup!

    • Jackie

      That’s awesome to hear! Congrats to your upcoming wedding, WORK it girl! Will definitely be doing pin-up bridal!

  • http://Website Kim

    Hey Jackie. I am sooooooo happy you are doing this bridal series. I am getting married in August in a beautiful garden overlooking the ocean in amazing Jamaica!!! I want to look as natural but as glowie as possible so please please please do a natural bride look that’s great for th garden setting. My colors are canary yellow n fuschia. So excited to see your vides eeeekkkk! Lol