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I need all those that are makeup and skincare obsessed that have tried the Clarisonic skin system to weigh in on this one!

So here’s the scoop, I don’t have any major skin issues, mild acne and a little bit of scarring. My skin has come a long way from what it looked like a year ago.  But, it CAN use a little improvement.

Please before leaving recommendations, consider this: I’d love to hear results and reviews from those that have similar skin concerns as I do. Because if this product is a no-go for women of color and some of the things I’d like to treat, I won’t even get it a shot. Ain’t no sense in swearing by a product that’s great for dry skin, if my skin is oily. Catch my drift?

If you’ve used it and you have combination to oily skin, what did it do to reduce acne scarring/hyperpigmentation?

Did it progressively help to minimize shine on your skin?

If your skin type/issues are relatively similar to mine, let me know what you thought about it! I would love to review the product to potentially help others with the same issues. I’m considering purchasing the Mia model.


Jackie O

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  • http://Website MeekDaKing

    I have one and I love it, I have hyper pigmentation, scarring etc, the clarsonic helps penetrate the products into the skin deeper, its great, I love it, I also have a PMD, personal micodermabrasion with the clarsonic my skin is coming along nicely, I think its a great investment

  • Marquita Cromwell

    Hey Diva!! I definitely think you should try it. I have combo to oily skin and I love my clarisonic. I use it for mornings and at night and I have noticed a big difference in oil reduction on my face as well as more even skin tone. I still however maybe blot once a day compare to the times before, but that all works in what skincare products you use on your face. It leaves your skin really smooth and I do think it helps with cleaning out those pores. I would suggest using a good facial cleanser with it to maintain maxium results!! I use the body deli sage and grapefruit cleanser. Hope this help and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  • http://Website Geri

    I’m african american with mild acne with acne scaring as well with combo/oily skin. I look at my clarisonic as a deep cleaner. When it comes to exfoliation for me It takes off the top layer but nothing dramatic like a scrub would. Even though it says not to do this, sometimes i’ll take my scrub and use it with my clarisonic. Thats when see the big difference, Alot smoother. But each time after using the brush with just regular cleansing, i do notice that my products used afterwards seem to sink in better.

  • Elizabeth J Ogedengbe

    I have the exact same skin type as you as well as the same skin problems. Ive had my Mia for about a month now and my skin is deffinately A LOT softer and smoother(I noticed a difference after the first use). My skin has become a lot less oily around my T-zone(I only blot if I really want to but if I don’t my face still looks fine- this is all without a primer and the milk of magnesia trick you showed in one of your videos) when I do decide to use milk of magnesia my skin is matt all day! The pores on my cheek/nose area have deffinately reduced in size(my main reason for purchasing it) and I hardly have any break outs. When I do break out its minimal, about one to four spots and they are gone within a day or two :) I’ll be doing a full review on my blog soon but I hope this helps in the mean time :)

    Btw I love that you are such an amazing make-up artiste and are soo real! It’s hard to find a WOC that I can relate to make-up wise so thank you soo much for your inspiration and hard work! Xx

  • http://Website My

    I have one and my skin has loved it! So far it has minimized scaring, cleans out my pored beautifully! I have acne and with a gentle cleaner ( I use cetaphil) it has done wonders. Good Luck!

  • Bee Ivey

    I have the exact skin type as you and I actually just purchased my Clarisonic Mia on Amazon for the low a month ago. My large pores have minimized dramatically, oil reduction has changed as well, and not as much scars on my face. It leaves my face baby smooth. I used to have to use MAC oil control but I dont use it anymore. My skin has cleared up alot in one months time.

    • Jackie

      That’s awesome, I have been satisfied with it the few times I have used it. Thank you for reading and dropping a line :)

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    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  • stacey

    Hi! – i just came across this blog post and i use the Clarisonic Aria. I purchased the Aria about 6 months ago and I do not believe that the clarisonic alone does anything for hyperpigmentation (on a cream from the dermatologist for that) but it does help to balance combination skin and refine pores and amplify the results of any product that you use with it. Hope this helps.